Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Missed Me?

After the last post, which was pretty heavy, I've not been too inspired to blog. Honestly, I've still been mulling over what all that post means...

And packing my hospital bag. You'd think that after this many children, I'd know exactly what to pack. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I went online and found a list-and wouldn't you know, according to that list I'd forgotten my talisman! No kidding-like a rabbit's foot or something!? My dad had a little black statue of a pot bellied man with crazy surfer hair standing next to a surf board-should I borrow it?

My focus has been on getting ready for this baby, clearing out clutter for an impending move and just simply keeping my head above water as we wrap up our 5th week of school. We're taking the week off next week in exchange for a family dentist trip, an OB appointment and a group thrift store excursion. At least the dentist is over on the first day! The poor receptionist had to block out two hours on two dentists' books for our family! That doesn't even include Jaybird!

I did have a blog-worthy Saturday night-a surprise baby shower! I was so very naive that even upon arriving and seeing friends there that are usually not part of the "couples night" we thought we were going to (I should say "I thought" since Shane was in on it) I didn't get it. The pink cupcakes didn't even do it for me, my friends had to spell it out for me. The funny thing is (and I hope I can say this clearly as the quick thoughts of this girl are not always logical), I'd been there a few minutes when Summer appeared from the bedroom. Shelly looked at her as if she were waiting for some news (like if the shirt she was trying on fit or something) and then Shel said, "Well, are we going to tell her we're having a baby shower?". My first thought was that Summer needed a shower-that she was pregnant. In the next instant it all came together for me, but what a wild thought!

So, I had a great surprise shower-my friends worked their tails off to get me a bundle of cloth diapers-I can only imagine how some of the women felt giving toward that gift! I bet I'm the only one they buy cloth diapers for in their lifetime! Thrown in were some cutie pie outfits and a large amount of regular diapers, too. I am blessed! Oh, and I ate sugar-lots of it. More on that later :)

Be blessed my friends, I'll chat with you here later :)


Luke said...

Actually, I did miss you. I was thinking yesterday, 'Hmm... I haven't heard from a few people recently.' So, welcome back!

I love how totally befuddled our minds can be. That's funny stuff.


Vix said...

I did too. :) And congrats on the cloth diapers! Is this your first to CD? Baby showers are fun, I'm not looking forward to one because I dont need anything for this baby at all. NOthing that $25 at a garage sale doesnt fix. ;)

Wendy said...

Actually, we used CDs with Jaybird when she was about a year old until recently. A friend gave me a dozen to get started with, but that was my first experience with them.

I didn't really need much either-the diapers are great, I need a new (to me) jog stroller and a few cheap's nice when you realize less is more with baby stuff!

i'mDmommy said...

So if you are referring to me and the cloth diaper experience...I so wanted to use them for #1 and ended up only dreaming about it! So maybe that will surprise ya!
Hey in that busy week, don't for get the hair appointments that will take about and hour and a half!!! Looking forward to seeing ya! I don't think I will be going on that shopping trip though! No dinero! Love ya!

Wendy said...

That does surprise me, but no, I wasn't thinking of you especially :)

None of us have any money, lol! We'll probably have to take sack lunches or something. You know I don't have any green if we're going to the dentist & getting hair cuts in the same week ;)

I'm only bargain hunting, that's for sure-sure you don't want to go?