Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mr Allgirlhomeschool

See him over on the right? Let me tell you just a little about him.

First know that I love him more than I could have imagined when we married 13 years ago.

Good, now the nice stuff is out of the way ;) Just kidding...

When I talk about hula hoops in odd places, just know that Shane has a totally different reaction than I do to that kind of stuff. Along with sibling rivalry, messy bedrooms, and sisters staying up too late snuggled together in bed chatting about only they know what, Shane takes the road less traveled. He adores it (mostly). He would see the hula hoop and smile. He'd think about how blessed we are to have a home full of girls. Then he'd ignore the hula hoop and probably leave his dirty clothes right next to it on the floor...

I'm glad he has a balancing perspective, but I sure wish he'd pick up his dirty socks sometimes. :)

It's also important to know that if Shane likes you (my friends, I'm talking to you) he'll tease you. The more he teases, the more comfortable he feels with you. This is ironic because I grew up so terrified of my friends' dads, especially if they were teasers. I just never knew how to take them. Now I'm married to a guy just like that.

So if you're a new volunteer at the pregnancy center and Shane gets you on the phone and tries relentlessly to order pizza, just play along-and tell him you'll put anchovies on it for no extra charge. If he calls you to say you two have an issue to settle-don't sweat it, he has a blessing in store. Either way, it marks the fact that you've made it past his highly sensitive discern-o-meter and you're approved. It's a rare place to be-not sure I've made it there yet!

Oh, and one other thing. He has way cooler music on his blog (posts-not so much!).


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I keep telling you that you have a wonderful husband!