Monday, October 6, 2008

Field Trip!

So, big homeschooling family goes to the dentist...this shouldn't be a big deal. You'd think we all had green hair or something!

No, it wasn't that bad, really. It was funny that we had 2 hours of two dentists' schedules blocked off for us and we brought in another adult for crowd control (thanks Andrea, we sure needed you!). Since we saw a couple of dentists and their different assistants, we got to explain several times that the girls weren't really missing a day of school today and that yes, this baby really is our 5th daughter.

Just think how it will be when Jaybird and Audrey are old enough for their own appointments! We'll have to book the entire morning for our family alone, lol.

Some of us had no cavities (way to go Mom & Bethany!), and some have follow up appointments :( Dad has the most work to be done, but he swears the dentist said it's not his fault, it's that some prior work was completed so very close to his other teeth and there is no way to clean it well.

A huge blessing was that today's visit didn't cost us anything! I was prepared for a steep price with all of us in there, but since today's work was all preventative, the insurance will cover it all! Yippee!

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