Saturday, October 18, 2008


Just popping in to give a quick update.

My Grandma is doing better and may very well pull through this health crisis. She's still struggling a little to breathe, and is a bit confused probably due to the strange surroundings, the pain meds, and her lack of good sleep. Most of the time she's pretty with it and can hold up her part of the conversation until she drifts off to sleep.

My gut tells me she may have preferred to go on to her heavenly home, but I don't's hard to live in a culture that doesn't value it's elderly. It mixes everything up.

I'm trying to be home as much as I can instead of just hanging out at the hospital. The hospital is probably a little bit of an escape for me-adult conversation with aunts & family I don't see often is nice even under the circumstances. My girls need me to be home, though and I'm not really needed at the hospital-you know how it is in our generation, the adult kids haven't quite graduated to an active helping role. I am sure learning a lot about generous care as I watch my aunts take care of their mother.

Everything for Audrey is just about ready. I washed up her stroller that I bought at a consignment sale last week. Her car seat is ready by the door. Her cloth diapers are in but I've just stored them until I decide it's time to switch her from disposables. Our bags are all packed. I plan to get her cradle out today or tomorrow but I have to clean out a spot so I can rearrange some things and move it all around.

I've had some pretty hard contractions. The ones that stop you in your tracks, but nothing with any regularity. My doctor offered to strip my membranes this next week but I'm not sure I want to-not only does it just make me crampy all day but with all the family hovering at the hospital (not my hospital), I don't want to rush this baby here. I think I'll just let the Lord work until we're a little closer to the due date. If she comes on her own right now, I won't be too upset though-I'm emotionally ready though I feel fine physically.

Okay, over and out y'all! Have a blessed Sunday!


Andrea said...

Hi darling friend,
Thank you for the update. Please let me know if I can do anything for you. I love you and your precious family. Yes, what a wonderful heritage that your Grand Mom has left you and the rest of the family.
Blessings, Andrea

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. You all are still in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I were closer, I would come over and give you a hug and just chat for a while.


D Unstoppable Mom said...

Hey, I saw Grandma today! She didn't look too good, but she seemed to know who I was...I was impressed with that!

Vix said...

Hey Neighbor! I left you a comment on my blog but I thought I'd say it here too.. I love BABYWEARING! I discovered it with my 3rd! I have a Maya ring sling that I love and a BabyHawk that I just bought that is a new love! I hate strollers, well I still use them some, usually for a toddler and then I carry the baby. It makes HSing so much easier!

Happy Laboring.. ;)