Friday, September 21, 2007

Meet our family

Shane-My husband who has no estrogen of his own but constantly finds himself "slimed" with the hormone that floods our home. He loves being a dad to all girls-he eats it up, much to the surprise of everyone who hears we have no boys. He'd love to pass on the family name (I so don't get that), but he may just have to leave that up to his little brother. Shane worked at Boeing for about six years before he was laid off. Thanks to NAFTA, he was retrained (at no cost to us) for another career. Since he didn't especially want to be a barber or dental assistant, he chose a law enforcement degree from the small list of career paths the government offers. He's been working in this field at the county level since Christmas of 2005. He also works as a security guard for a major gas plant 2 days a week. He's a laid back nice guy who loves to dote on his girls. He's often taking them out on dates or letting them win laughter-filled wrestling matches.

Me-me-me-I'm an average homeschool mom. Not the denim jumper type...the minivan type, jean wearing, wannabe granola kind! I think too much, have issues I think no one else has, but I'm blessed. I have worked part time as a director of a pregnancy resource center and I have a BS in Family Studies. I love to read-especially Christian parenting books, homeschool books, and some fiction (Alton Gansky is a favorite). I'm a new sewer (that would be sew-er), A wanna-be gardener... I'm terribly afraid of snakes and I never follow through with my gardens so they end up full of weeds or dying of thirst. I wear my babies in a sling, co sleep, nurse until they're old enough to ask for it verbally, and I love the idea of eating whole foods and organics (but struggle follow that lifestyle 100%). We aren't full quiver, but have used there anything else to say? I am surrounded by friends who do a darn good job of making me believe they like me :) I'm blessed!

Ash-is 11! I've been a parent for oven ten years! Wow. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about her. She is a bit of a tomboy but that is wearing off. She likes what she likes and it doesn't matter what is in style. She loves homeschooling, loves her sisters, and loves to read. She's a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and anything about horses. She's been saving for a horse since she knew what one was and often has more money in her horse fund than I have in my savings account. She has a special bond with Bethany, who sleeps with her. I "buddy up" my children and Beth is Ash's buddy. Ash is very much a firstborn-she's a second mother to her little sisters and a huge help around the house.

Hope-This is my typical girl. She likes all things pink and sparkly. She's spunky in all she does. She has a tall lean body that never stops. She is gifted with hospitality and is the first to offer any guest a drink or some food. She can really serve beautifully when she wants to. She has a fierce determination that both scares me and gives me hope that she'll persevere in whatever job the Lord calls her to. She asked Jesus into her heart the summer of 2006 and I believe is trying to learn to serve him. She's bright and happy with fresh ideas and a good attitude. She loves math and likes us to read The Boxcar Children to her. She is a new reader and promises to love books as much as her big sister!

Bethany-Our tiny BB (her initials). She's five but wears a size 4. She is simply tiny for her age--but she's perfectly healthy. She's a cute brunette with bouncy little curls and blue eyes. She doesn't really like it when the big girls do school because it means they can't play with her! She does love to be read to and is enjoying her Sonlight K). BB keeps us laughing with her childish innocence and affectionate disposition. I tell her all the time that she's my favorite....five year old!

Jaika, pronounced jay' ka-I sigh big when I think of what to write. She has been a whirlwind from the start. She arrived 10 days late (in the heat of the Texas Summer!). She is miracle baby in that she was born with her cord in a knot. God saved her from it tightening. The doctor probably pulled it tight when he delivered the placenta, or God chose to keep nutrients flowing through a knotted cord. The nurses were surprised at her healthy delivery. Our L&D nurse said she's only seen one other baby born alive with a knotted cord in her ten years of L&D. We praise the Lord for her even though the transition from three to four children has been the hardest for me. Jaybird is active--she's constantly into something, but she's oh so affectionate. Oh, and she looks just like her sisters. They're clones, we've been told. I promise, I birthed every one of them!

As if one baby born with a knotted cord isn't strange enough, Audrey was born in November of 2008 via emergency C-section and, you guessed it, had a knotted cord as well. She is healthy, though and has won our hearts! We can't wait to see what kind of personality she'll develop.

Audrey was a true surprise baby. We were discussing the possibility of being totally "done" when I realized I was pregnant with her. We are so happy she's a part of our family! However, after a second C-section and complications that followed, we feel the Lord closing the door on more children. We have a peace about it, although it was a hard day when we made it permanent.

We live in the same area Shane and I grew up in. We actually live in the same house I got to play in as a child. We moved into my grandparent's home after they moved into an assisted living facility. It's a somewhat neat, but drafty house built in the 1890s; one of the oldest houses in town. Our parents and brothers live near by (there are no sisters for me or Shane, but God's given me lots of girl-friend-sisters). I work just down the street and Shane works half an hour away. We've homeschooled from the start and plan to finish out that way. We love Sonlight and will probably stay with it unless an equally incredible company comes along that would allow me to combine my children into more of a one room school house affair. We are heavily involved in pro-life ministry in two counties. We are attending in a non-denominational church we really like but have previously only been in Southern Baptist churches.

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