Saturday, September 22, 2007

Botanical Gardens & The Zoo!

After about four hours of sleep, Shane and I met up with his family for a big day with the kids. Fueled up on coffee, we somehow mangaged to get through the day still friends at the end :)

Our first stop was the Botanical Gardens where we strolled through most of the gardens, met a snake, and took some fun pictures. The girls loved exploring and each new flower bloom had them in awe. God's creation is wonderful! It was really neat to see the gardens after studying in Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation through Botany book. We had just studied about the anatomy of trees and then could explain to Uncle Scott how a hollowed out old pecan tree could still be alive.

We had a nice picnic in the gardens...nice except that I was so exhausted and was irritable because the water bottles had not been put in the ice chest...lesson learned-no girls' nights before big trips!

Our little family took off for the zoo, leaving Shane's mom, grandmother, brother & his girlfriend to explore more gardens. Shane and I would have rather come on home, but we persevered and after spending $50 to get in, decided we'd get our money's worth, lol!

The best moment for me was during the minitrain ride back to the gate. There had been no views of animals from the train until the very end when we came upon a group of flamingos. Bethany saw them and excitedly said, "I didn't know dem were dunna be dare!" Look at her face!

Here is one of my favorites: It's Shane's Grandma:

Jaybird's baby legs:

Ash exploring

Hopey...Save me Tarzan!

Sisters at the natural spa

One more of Jay's feet...with prints!


Tonya said...

Love the blog and love the pics of the girls!! Makes me wish I lived closer by.

summer said...

New Blog looks great! And now that you have DSL you will really have to learn the fruit of self-control. lol Anyway like the zoo pics too. Family times are the best.