Friday, September 21, 2007

Peer Pressure

This is my new blog. I have a new blog because all of my friends have a blog on Blogger.

Truthfully, I've been thinking of starting a new personal blog over here b/c now that I've started one for the homeschool group I'm in, I've seen how much easier customizing is over here than at At hsblogger, you have to know about weblog tags and html. Here, you just fill in the blank! I love it! Also, the HS blogger site is harder to navigate b/c it's unorganized.

I didn't do it sooner b/c I have issues with blogger. I like the safe world of hsblogger. I don't like at all the horrific pages blogger allows. I don't know if I'm a stumbling block to someone by having a page here-if they come see my blog, then hit the button to see the next blog and it's a perverse blog (I've stumbled on to 2 in just a few times of hitting that botton).

I asked Shane what he thought and he assured me that if I'm posting in purity that I'm not being a stumbling block...I guess there's plenty of smut out there and it's easy enough to find without even hitting that button.

I've moved a few of my defining blog entries over from my old site, but if you're bored and want to read that blog, it's

Let me know you found me over here!

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