Friday, October 31, 2008

Get out the vote

We voted!

Early voting ended today, so we finally managed to get out the door and do it. We have always taken our girls with us, at least the oldest ones. Ashlyn really wants to be able to vote, so Shane took her in and let her "help" him vote. Bethany & Hope went in with me. A young girl was in line in front of us, she was nervous since it was her first time to vote. Fun stuff!

Pregnancy update: I've had some anxiety about this labor, but it's diminished considerably, thanks to the prayer from some wonderful prayer warriors. My due date is 2 days away and I've just about come to the end of my to-do list. When we were expecting Jaybird, we purposefully didn't schedule anything near her due date. That meant we were sitting around bored enough to poke our eyes out for several weeks. I tried to avoid that this time...yet I'm getting the urge to look for sticks and my eyes are twitching.

The intense cleaning/working has started. Yesterday I made bread & muffins on top of making a crock pot dinner & the usual cleaning. Today I cleaned the kitchen really well and decluttered all my filing, oh and all that little junk that accumulates in the deep crevices under the computer desk-gone.

I hope this means you hear from Summer soon!

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