Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Plain Rude

I'm sure you've noticed my blogging has been a little slow these days-that's because the rest of my life is so fast! I've really been getting some things done (ahem, nesting) like loading Audrey's chest of drawers, washing her car seat cover, packing and repacking our hospital bags and deep cleaning the house. We just finished changing out all of our spring/summer clothes so now we're just waiting on sweater weather. I got some great sweaters for about $1.50 a piece at a thrift store and I can't wait to wear them (of course the weather & my shape must both change first!).

In all this cleaning out, I had 3 large black garbage bags full of stuff for the local thrift store. I was dropping it off today when a car pulled up behind me. I am always worried about being in some one's way, so I felt bad that I had several things to unload and here was a car waiting behind me in the alley.

A woman gets out of her car and asks me about baby clothes. I couldn't hear all she said, so I asked if she wanted to know if the thrift store took them. She said, "No, I was wondering if you had any you could just give me for my grandson." I was a little perturbed and said, "Well, I really would like mine to go to this store because the money from them goes to hospice care, besides, I really have mostly big kid & adult clothes in here." Then, spying the stacks of disposable diapers still in my car from my shower, she said, "What about those diapers, can I have them?"

Oh my. Is that the rudest thing ever? I do believe I'm noticeably pregnant-is it such a stretch to think I might be using those diapers? And even if that didn't occur to her, is it ever appropriate to ask a stranger for brand new diapers you see in her car?

I am still stunned at the audacity. You can't get much cheaper in our town than the Hospice Thrift store, yet she felt the need to circumvent the system and get the goods before they got in the back door. I wonder what prompted her to follow me there in the first place-is she like an ambulance chaser-just with a thrift store twist? Too weird.

Okay, so there's my vent for the day. Count yourself lucky-I could be blogging about the aches & pains of late pregnancy!

Oh, and I know you're probably thinking about that poor woman who has a naked and cold grandson because she couldn't get the cold hearted stranger at the thrift store to help her out. There are a plethora of resources for her grandchild in our little town and if she's willing to chase down cars in the alley, she can find them!

Edited to add: one of my friends, who is much sharper than I, made the point that I don't have clothes for a grandSON anyway, so it's not like I could have helped her, lol.


Vix said...

Oh Mama that is the kind of thing our ministry deals with everyday.. I know how you feel.

Latte-n-Libre said...

I am IN SHOCK. People are bold aren't they!Although I don't know why I should be surprised.

EEK you don't have long to go. I was just thinking about that earlier today as I was looking over my prayer list.


Anonymous said...

Some people just have no sense of appropriate.

Hang in there, you will be holding that sweet one before you know it.


Andrea said...

I betcha I know that woman and so many of her kin. Oh, there is so much more to her story! So what did you give her, sister?

Andrea said...

It is so wonderful reading your blog again! You have such a gift with words! Keep it up, sissy!

Wendy said...

I didn't give her anything-I thought it was enough that I was pleasant with her, lol.