Thursday, October 23, 2008

This week has been a small spiritual journey for me-nothing huge, but I don't want to take the Lord's work in me lightly.

I started the week a little concerned about this baby's delivery. There were no signs of progress when I saw the doctor Monday. Since Jay was 13 days late, her cord, placenta (where she gets all her nutrients) and her skin were dried up like raisins. My great labor & delivery nurse friend, who is normally very laid back has begged me throughout this pregnancy not to go late again. Our friend who will also be Audrey's pediatrician agrees.

The problem is that I just can't have a traditional scheduled induction because of the prior C-section with Bethany. The drugs used for induction can cause a scarred uterus to rupture, which can be fatal for mom and baby. There are some techniques for getting labor started (breaking the water is one) but there are no guarantees. If the water is broken and labor doesn't start, a C-section is in order.

I know C's are all the rage, with some doctors allowing elective sections. I can't jump on that bandwagon. My recovery was hard, the incision was tender even two years later if I was under stress or tired. It would make my 3rd abdominal surgery and I'm not keen on all that scar tissue. I know some of my recovery issues were my fault-I rearranged my hospital room while Shane was not looking, so I know I must have done too much at home. How would I avoid that with 5 children to take care of? Not going to happen.

So, back to my spiritual journey.

Actually, I'll get back to it-tomorrow. The Lord has shown me some cool things about His faithfulness but I need to get my thoughts in order. I'm also trying to keep (get?) my posts until next time...

PS-I sent out an email to some prayer warriors asking that they pray I go into labor on my own soon, feel free to pray for me in that way if you're a prayin' kinda person.

PSS-If you're one of my local buddies who wants to get "the call" that we're going to the hospital/had the baby no matter what time of day or night it is, you need to tell me. If you aren't my parents/inlaws, my emergency ride to the hospital, or my babysitter, you won't be called until daylight hours.

See you tomorrow unless y'all's prayers work extra fast!

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