Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Plain Weird

Okay, weird may be the wrong word, but right now it fits so I'm going with it.

The Holy Spirit is just weird to me sometimes. Like today.

Let me back up. Last week in Life Group I mentioned that my typical behavior is to feel a niggling in the back of my mind, dismiss it, then realize too late that I should have heeded that pause. I almost always realize too late that it was the Holy Spirit trying to speak to me.

Tonight my schedule was double booked with a memorial service for a sweet lady from church and a Meet & Greet Dessert with a PRC Director from Bolivia our PRC helps support. I really wanted to be at each event but something kept telling me I didn't need to go to either one. I usually am motivated by a strong sense of duty, but even that couldn't be conjured up today. I just couldn't get a peace about leaving home.

So, I thought, "This is it, the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something. I need to just be still and not make plans." Of course I didn't really be still, I asked God all day if my water would break tonight or if one of the girls was about to get sick.

Instead, about 4:30 I got a call from my Mom that my 89 year old grandma (Clara for you all who know her) was not doing well. She fell Saturday head first into her little flowerbed behind her assisted living apartment. She was bruised up pretty good but also sustained some compression fractures to her osteoporosis ridden spine. They were keeping her in the hospital to recover with pain meds. Tonight she took a turn for the worse. She couldn't breathe well, was afraid she was dying and later became very confused. It turns out she had a lung full (literally) of blood from the fall. They drained it this evening and she's already doing much better, but earlier in the evening her children were making those hard decisions about DNR orders and ventilators.

Now she's just mad at us for letting them "treat her this way", lol. By morning her thinking should be back in order now that she can get some oxygen in her body.

Am I glad I heeded the niggling tonight? You betcha. Will I do it next time? I'd like to say so, but really y'all, I'm so bad about it I might not. I feel like Paul-doing things I don't want to do and not doing what I know I'm supposed to do. (Insert positive, uplifting comment here...)

Blessings to you as you follow the Holy Spirit-hopefully better than I do!


Scott said...

K...took me a while to read this post because I couldn't stop myself from pausing to say 'niggling' out loud...but glad she's doing well.

Summer said...

Yeah, lol, I agree with Scott. I had to google niggle. Wendy, you are just a smarty using words I've never even heard!

And you are right. The Holy Spirit is weird. That's not blasphemous is it? It's so easy to ignore the Holy Spirit as your own flesh. May we all be so in tune with Him that we will not doubt or quench His voice! (which takes work and discipline!)

Andrea said...

I'm glad Granny is doing better but it was a good trial for the inevitable. We all need our plan in place for our sweet families when that time of transition comes. I have a poorly organized plan filed under "funeral plans" in the poorly organized filing cabinet. I'm not too sure my family could find it or read it. I'm putting that on my to do list! But if the Lord and his angels call before I get that done, KISS! (Keep it simple, sister!) Food, singing, visiting, maybe a door prize or two :) and looking at pictures. I like the way the last two funerals with our church family were conducted. 7 p.m. I am glad you listened to the Holy Spirit that day.... Love you bunches, Sister!