Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Showing Off

I know it's fuzzy, but I just wonder what they're talking it a little pep talk or is Hope asking Ash for money to get gum from the concession stand?

The best 3rd baseman out there :)

She's not a bad hitter, either.

Shane took this one from the car. Kinda tabloidish...or just the haze from a sizzling game...

The ever socializing Hope!

Hope at bat...
Isn't she cute?
Maybe she's a little bored here...although I don't know who could be bored while wearing those socks!

More coming soon!


Ashlyn said...

Umm, you're right. She was couceling me on how I (NOT!) owed her money and that older sisters need to help younger sisters buy things. LOL.

Hope' socks are very colorful. I wish we had some (smiles sweetly at Summer) raging awesome socks like those! *giggles*

I love you mom. Thanks for putting the pics up.

Summer said...

Ashlyn - very good use of my word! You look like a pro in those pictures. I'd like to come see you play. But, please please do not cry. Joey's right. NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. I mean, unless you are bleeding profusely or your arm is knocked out of socket or you are hit so hard that you can't walk.

Ashlyn said...

Don't worry, I never cry at games. I didn't even cry at Old Yeller. I just cry when my mom makes me mad (at home!).

Thanks for saying I look like a pro!

Andrea said...

Great pictures of some beautiful girls!! I love you guys! Yes, I like the tabloid one!!

Jamie said...

I love the pictures, you guys look like you are taking the game seriously. I love the one with Ash's sunglasses on, and the one close up of Hopie. So Cool! Way to Go Girls!

Jennifer said...

You all look great! Ashlyn, how many scouts where there to see you??!! You are such a great big grown up and such a blessing to your mom!