Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Here's the baby bump from my point of view. This was taken at about 16 weeks. I believe I felt movement this morning and possibly last night. I'm holding out for the real stuff, though. None of this pansey kinda movement-I want full fledged kicks!
The nausea has been mostly gone for a few weeks, and the fatigue is fading. Rolaid use is up, and the last few days my irritablility is surging upwards as well. I'm hoping the box of maternity clothes heading my way from (all on sale, of course!) will cheer me up. I am very pleased that I finally tried on a pair of khaki linen pants I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents-they're as comfy as my sleep pants but I can wear them to work!
I'm working hard at fighting the frump-since I'm sure being a homeschooling mom of 5 automatically puts me in the frump catagory and I have to dig out of it. This week I worked out for the first time in a couple of months. It felt good, but I could tell how stiff I am. Shane is washing up the jogging stroller for me right now, so I hope to add walking back in to the routine. Thankfully, I've only gained 4 pounds as of my last appt. More on frump fighting later!
Everyone I see asks me if we know the gender yet or if we'll find out. No, we don't know yet and you betcha we're finding out! I can't wait to know. It's technically possible to tell right now, but my free sono connection is geared (trained) for first trimester scans, so determining gender at this early stage may be a challenge. I don't want to play the emotional game of, "Well, we think it's a boy, but we're not sure...". I want to wait until it's clear. We might take a peek later next week. Wouldn't it be fun to find out and not tell anyone?
Finally, I've not announced it here on the blog, but in preparation for this baby (which unless it's a boy, this is just about all the prep we'll do-except strap the carseat into the van or something smart like that), I've resigned from my position at the Pregnancy Resource Center. I've been talking to our board chair, I mean president for months and he's known I would be going home full time before long. Adding Beth to the homeschool table seemed daunting while working. Once I settled down from finding out I was pregnant, this became the next logical step. So logical, we didn't even pray about it. It's just time. My last day will probably be mid August. My emotions are mixed; I'll miss it of course, but I love the idea of being home and getting to those fun things we have had to push aside. The Board was so gracious and sweet, I'll never forget their loving reaction (they almost begged me to stay-it always feels good to be wanted!).
So, since I'm going to be home, I have to practice liking the chores related to being home...right? I have lots of practice with those dishes waiting on me...
ETA: I've tried four times to make the spacing stay as it looks in my draft. Once I hit "Publish Post" all the paragraphs run together. Some of you know that no paragraph breaks really annoy much so that if this doesn't stop, it may push me over the Blogger edge and I just might get a Type Pad or Word Press blog instead...Okay, here it goes, clicking on "Publish Post" once more...
ETA II: Still didn't work, I'm going to try making old fashioned paragraph indentions-this really bothers me!
ETA III: I give up.

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Andrea said...

She writes, "Wouldn't it be fun to find out the gender and not tell anyone else..." Yes, it would be fun!! Can you do it??