Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Life in Pictures

We've had a lot of fun with our new camera. I've taken some shots the last few days that give a fun glimpse into our days and I thought I'd share. Sorry dial up friends, it's very picture heavy!

I messed up and misunderstood the softball coach. She told me our game tonight was cancelled, but I thought it was next week's game. So, off to the field we go only to turn back around and come home. Ash was embarrassed since her coach was out there watching her son play so we were busted. It wasn't as bad as the time last year when I sent the girls to Awana in their PJs a week before it was actually pajama night, but when you're a tween, any embarrassment is too much. So, in order to redeem myself and enjoy the nice evening outside, I made an obstacle course for the girls...They hopped through hula hoops...

And walked in funny ways...

This one got a little help from big sister...

And this one needed no help! Boy did she go!

Yes, this was part of the course!

And so was this...she's singing the ABC's before she can move on to the next part.

Well, here come the dramatics. She doesn't want to wait for her next turn. But she's so cute!

This one has issues. She thinks the fuzzy things that fall out of the pecan tree are worms or something and once she saw them on the ground she refused to be set back down!

This is all of them very early in the morning. Hope is sleeping quite soundly as you can tell (even though she thinks she can only sleep in my bed, ugghhh). Then Ash & Beth are next with Adri with half the bed to herself!

We do the buddy system at our house. Ash is Beth's buddy and they're very close. (Buddies help the little ones get their shoes on, pour cereal, or whatever.) It's very sweet how Beth curls up to Ash when they sleep.

This is Adri-my cousin's baby--who's about to be 2!! She's with us Mon-Fri, 7:30-5:30, so she's become a part of the family. She's a doll...

Here's the second set of buddies. This was taken by Ash on the porch swing this morning. I see Hope maturing in her buddy job. She's doing good at nurturing and I love to see her grow in this area. I can see that she & Jay are getting closer, but Jay also really likes Ash...and Beth...she's a friendly girl! By the way, did you notice Jay & Hope have the same exact hair? Funny, since none of the rest match up at all!

We don't need real toys! The little ones just like the couch pillows and totes!

This one thinks she can read...notice the book is upside down!

So this is my crew...and just a fun note, Hope just got out of the shower and was singing in her southern twangy voice. I suspect she was singing "Sunrise Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof. The song was in our wedding and I pointed this out when we watched it a few days ago. I suspect Hope was singing it because Bethany came out of the bathroom singing "Sunrise...Sunset...Sunrise...Sunet..."over and over. Pretty funny from a 4 year old!


Andrea said...

Wow! What a great post to your blog! I love the pictures! Well, okay, maybe it is the subject matter that I love. But the pics are nice. You know, I know your girls better than I know anybody else's kids. I KNOW your kids! Yes, Hope and Jay's hair matches perfectly. Aren't pictures fun? I love you, Sis. Andrea

Jamie said...

Those are great pictures! The most beautiful girls in the world, if I do say so myself.

Janet said...

Keep the pics coming. I love it since I don't see the girls much!! Tell Ash she's a great photographer! Can't wait to see a pic of baby real soon.
Love you guys!