Saturday, May 24, 2008

Link Fest

I've been saving up some good links for you, some are ones I've pointed out before, but most are new. Enjoy!

Family Life Today broadcast (you can listen online or download to your mp3 player) that talks about teaching our young ones the catechism. I've always been drawn to the idea of teaching the Westminster shorter catechism to my girls (and learning it myself) but am so unfamiliar with it that I never did it. This broadcast and book called Big Truths for Little Kids explains it more and I think we may order it and do it over the summer. (Denise, you might like this one.)

While we're talking about listening online, this is a great resource for finding godly programs. Great names like Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Beth Moore, Focus on the Family, Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis), Kay Arthur, John MacArthur, Alistair Begg (one of Shane's faves) and dozens more are featured. I love it!

Here's a fun place if you're a wordsmith-a visual dictionary (thanks Summer!).

Did you know Cranium has a very cool website? Makes you want to pull out a board game tonight! Click on the fun ideas tab at the top! It's also a handy place to see what other fun games they're offering and order pieces to games. We've not found a Cranium game we didn't like!

Want to watch live video of the African wild?

Feel the need to report little things in your life between blog posts? Twitter allows you to do that. You can follow your friends, too. If you received an email inviting you to join from Glorygirl (or karatechick-Ash), it was me :). So far it's okay, but would be more fun if you'd join! There are a lot of fun features to it I haven't tried yet.

Some good blogs I've found lately:
We are That Family-a fun blog written by a Christian mom. I don't know how to define this blog any more than that, except to say I'm drawn to her mix of sincerity and humor.

Sorta Crunchy-she's a little less crunchy than me (or the me I want to be!), but I love reading her blog nonetheless. She looks a lot like a woman who used to volunteer at my "other" pregnancy center, so I just like her :)

Rocks in my Dryer-she's got quite a following, and if you check her out, you'll see why!

Looking Towards Heaven-Karla has very not-boring blog. She always has a different topic-improving your blog, adventures of muffin top (you know, when your middle muffins out a bit...nah, I'm sure I'm the only one who gets that!), as well as fun contests and links.

Oh my, and Fussypants. Have I told you about Fussypants? She's a hoot-a balanced Christian woman who coaches us in fashion trends and inner beauty. She just delivered her fourth boy, wearing pearls.

Fussypants was a link I found from Blissfully Domestic. I think I've just hit the tip of the ice burg of this network of mostly Christian moms (I think they're all moms) who blog on all kinds of topics. Just watch some of the outside links on some of the blogs, on occasion the ads on those are not PG-I don't think the blogger can control that, fyi.

Finally, a plug for a new little shop I found, Just Stickem Up (this one's an ebay store, not a brick & mortar). She sells beautiful word art for your home for a very reasonable price.

...and for my two other favorite little businesses:
Feather Your Nest-based in Arkansas but you can order online and shipping is fast! Gina's website is worth looking at, even if it's just for ideas on decorating you home in a vintage style.

And don't miss the Duwe's card company (link in my sidebar) which offers greeting cards made from Rick's original hand painted designs. They include scripture and are precious in their simplicity (and they're affordable!).


We are THAT Family said...

Thanks for including me in your list of links! I appreciate it-I subscribe to a lot of the other ones you mentioned too. It's nice to meet you!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

hee hee - now I'm curious as to where our crunchiness differs. ;) So glad you found Blissfully Domestic and lots of other great blogging mamas!

Andrea said...

I tried to twitter but the website was all a twitter, so I will try back when reminded....
Several of our mutual friends wonder again and again how you find the time to blog and write so intelligently, etc. I ascribe part of your success to your excellent brain power, managerial skills and that amazing elder daughter of yours!!