Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Gift from the Lord

I just have to share what happened this morning. I set about to do my dishes this morning and mop the floor before the kids got up. It was quiet and I went to the computer to find something to listen to while working. I usually go for Nancy Leigh Demoss but needed a break today. I went to www.oneplace.com and scanned the selection of ministries available to listen to. I listened to a short commentary on the Texas LDS compound and then went to Family Life Today.

You would never guess what the topics were at the end of last week. Surprise pregnancies.

I clicked on May 1st broadcast and immediately started crying. The woman about to be interviewed had four children and was feeling much like I do when she found out she was pregnant with number 5. She put words to everything I'm feeling. Except that she wished for a miscarriage, my emotions line up perfectly with hers.

Shane came in and saw me misty eyed. I assured him these were tears of joy, joy that the Lord knew just what I needed this morning and that I am not alone or crazy or abnormal. Well, the last two might be debatable ;0)

If you care to listen to the broadcasts: http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/FamilyLife_Today/archives.asp?bcd=2008-5-2
You'll have to catch the first one of the 2 in the series today or they might be off the oneplace site. I'm sure you could find them at the Family Life website, though.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that God led you to exactly what you needed to hear to help you. I have always like Family Life Today and listen to their Podcasts. If you ever are looking for something different and uplifting, you can listen to a sermon from my old church.


There are so many great ministries out there.


Andrea said...

Never alone....