Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Well, we had an interesting day in the all girl homeschool household today. Even though it's Mother's Day, I had to iron a shirt before church this morning (and later I had to do dishes! No mom should have to wash dishes on Mother's Day!). But I was quickly rewarded with a basket brimming to the top with a new tart burner, lots of tarts and a little bear. Church was uneventful (literally, with no Sunday school class today and nursery duty during the service), but Shane and I did get to play with twin boys in the nursery!

On our way home, Ash announced that Hope had a bug on her head that was stuck on her and big. Shane and I looked at each other and called Hope to the front of the (parked) van. Sure enough, it was a tick, just as we suspected. Shane removed it, wrapped it up in a napkin and we went home to doctor up her wound and inspect the tick close up.

We learned via the net that it wasn't a deer tick, which could carry Lyme disease, but we couldn't find it's head attached to its body, even with our little microscope. Shane decided to take her to the urgent care clinic in case the head was still buried in her skin. They ended up at the ER, since the clinic decided Mother's Day was no day to be open. The ER doctor was glad they came in because of a large knot under the bite, but thankfully he thought he could see the head through his microscope.

While they were gone, I started a crock pot cake and took a nap. Of course I told Ash to come get me if her Daddy called with news. He only called asking for the year of Hope's birth...when you have so many, sometimes they get all mixed up you know :)

Once they came home, we ate cake and headed out to see all the Moms and Grandmas in our family. We are blessed to have both our moms nearby and two of our grandmothers. They've all done a part to leave a great legacy. They are all strong women with many talents.

So, there you have it. Dishes, ticks, twins, cake and wonderful moms to celebrate. All in all, not a bad day!


Andrea said...

Where's the pic of the Tick????

Anonymous said...

Okay, so my day of flying seems tame. I am glad that everything ended up fine.


Amber said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! Ticks are a pain...we used to get them out with a match from our dog.