Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Purist Me

I am such a purist. Well, if I claim to be a purist just in this one way, can I carry it out to the rest of my life? I like that idea, so I say that I can ;)

When I had Beth via planned C-section, obviously I had an epidural. At my 6 week check up I told my doctor of my terrible headache that pulsed like lightening every time I bent over. He gently laughed and said that since I'm a "clean girl" who doesn't drink, smoke or do any drugs, the anesthetic affected me more severely.

Well, apparently that "clean girl" stuff works the same way with Benadryl. I took 2 just before life group tonight. I have no idea if what I shared was coherent, but if it were like my driving on the way home, it's safe to say I made zero sense. On the way home I had to fully concentrate to drive. I kept trying to get the windshield clear of the fine mist that kept forming and veered eerily close to a row of telephone poles. My reaction time was so slow that I just gently veered back to my station on the road. Then I needed to turn right on red and did so. With no real concern for the cars on my left who had the right-of-way. Thankfully, one turned left without a blinker, so all was well. Or maybe they just saw me coming. I wasn't trying to drive this way, I just felt like I was drunk, but with much less laughter.

I called Shane at work to tell him goodnight at 9:30. He commented that it was a little early. I assured him I was safer in bed. We have water in the phone line somewhere and the connection became too full of static to hear him, but I think he was trying to ask me if the kids knew what to do if Momma flipped out. Poor guy!

Pride comes before a fall. At my OB appt this week, Shane (aka the germ freak) got onto me for touching the elevator buttons. I said, "I made it just fine through two rounds of strep throat, I'm not getting sick from these stupid buttons. Here, let me just lick them for you." Of course I didn't, but I was tempted.

Now here I sit miserable waiting for my third dose of Benadryl of the day to kick in. I felt fine until the powder incident, but surely the powder couldn't cause all this pain & pressure in my sinuses-my teeth even hurt! I'm sticking to the powder, though, 'cause if I don't, I have to admit I shouldn't have touched those elevator buttons.

I just finished Same Kind of Different As Me. It may be one of the best books I've read. I don't like to re-read books, but I would this one. I need my own copy. I hope to have less medicine head soon so I can blog about it. There were some great quotes in there. Amazing story.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! Hoping you feel better soon!


Luke said...

I am so glad you made it home safely. Next time, get a designated driver. That did not sound like ideal driving conditions.

Praise God you're okay. Get well soon!


Scott said...

Pregnant or not, 'clean' people have to beware and take extra precautions:
Always take half the recommended dose of meds
Make sure you don't swallow any of your mouthwash
Beware of your caffeine intake
Stay away from energy drinks
You can get high near a smoker
Stay away from grandmas home remedies
Make no major plans after taking medicine
And don't even operate light machinery

Wendy said...

Thanks Dr. Scott :)

Just so y'all know, I've taken Benadryl before and not felt that way. I didn't realize how much of a fog I was in until I was already on the road.

All is fine, Shane brought me new drugs today ;)

Seriously, I am using a different med and feel better, and can think more clearly for sure.

Summer said...

I loved that book too!
I never ever take more than one Benadryl at a time. I mean, ya know, since the last time I did I had a "wreck" in my own driveway. Ripped the driver's side door right off because my reaction time was so slow. And Scott's right. I can so get high standing next to a smoker. Of course most of the time I am trying to. lol

Summer said...

oh and no were totally coherent at group last nite. feel better soon

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Benedryl just knocks me out.
I am glad you got home safe though.

I don't like touching those elevator buttons either - I got sick after my last visit, and I wasn't even preggo.