Thursday, September 4, 2008

Much Better

I was writing a blog post in my head as I took my afternoon siesta's deep guys.

My Beth Moore Bible study asked us to walk through the crucifixion of Jesus again. I'm just going to put this out there, maybe I'm the only one. Maybe not. It is hard for me to really even touch the agony of his death. I've been a believer for over 15 years, active in church all that time. Of course, His death wasn't new to me back then, even before professing Christ, I grew up with an understanding of Jesus. It's become common to me. It's just Jesus. It was his job, he did it, I believe it, let's move on. I don't mean at all to be flippant, I promise. I am just not usually an emotional person, so it's hard for me to work up emotions about something that's become...I don't know the right word...just so common. I need a better word, I know, but I think you get it.

What do you do about that? Well, you pray I suppose. I did. I prayed that God would show me. Then I immediately regretted it. What am I doing praying God would show me agony?

That thought brought me to wondering about superstitions and how intertwined they might be with our Christianity. You know, like when we say don't pray for patience because you'll be put in a place to gain it? Is that truth? I don't know...but I sure don't want to pray for agony to find out.

Speaking of superstitions, I'm going to put something else out there that might get me in trouble with some of my friends. I've weighed the consequences of speaking about this here and decided that since this isn't black & white or clearly outlined in scripture, there's no reason to be shy about sharing my opinion on this topic. I believe some believers put too much power in the tongue. I don't believe we can curse our children, for instance, by saying that if we don't get their disobedience under control when they're 5, there's a good chance they'll be hard to handle at 15. Is there a problem with telling your child they'll never amount to anything? Of course, but simply saying something negative about your child going to curse them? Can an unbeliever have that much power in their tongue? Can an off the cuff negative comment curse someone? I can't believe we have that much power. If so, why can't I simply speak health over my sick child? God had power to speak all creation into existence, we aren't even close.

I'd love to be shown legitimate scripture on this topic-on either side of it. I'm surely not above correction...

How about those spiritual ramblings?

I'm glad for them-even if I don't have the answers. If I'm working through scripture and my beliefs, it means my day has been better than the first two school days of this week. I didn't need to go anywhere during school today, I started out the day with an hour with Beth Moore and the Lord, and there was a peace in my heart that I've not had all week.

I still have some unresolved schooling/household issues, but what's important is that my peace is back. I can work through anything with that peace, amen? Does anyone know what I'm talkin' about? (Can you hear Beth Moore saying that? lol).

Peace Out friends,


Summer said...

I don't think we have so much power that we can actually "curse" someone. However, I do think the tongue is a powerful weapon. We usually speak what is in our heart. If I speak negatively, then I or someone else may begin to believe it and acting on it instead of the Truth. I do believe in speaking by faith somewhat. It's worked many times in my life. And I do think negative comments stay with people far longer than may be thought. I don't know about you, but I remember specific times that people have said things that hurt and sometimes they replay in my head. not a curse, but definitely a stronghold, ya know? Proverbs 12:18 & 18:21

Also if a child is habitually disobedient at five, I tend to think you may have problems when he/she is 15 if you don't get it under control now. and not just because you spoke it. idk.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Summer. The tongue is powerful, but we (as humans) don't have that much power.


Wendy said...

Yes, the tongue is clearly very powerful, scripture points this out over and over. I agree totally with what you said Summer about negative comments and strongholds, speaking in faith...but unlike some Christians I do think the power stops short of the ability to curse someone.

Jennifer said...


You know my opinion on that latter subject matter...seems as if we have discussed that recently?! As for the former, Joey and I were discussing it the other night and what broke us is the dignity that was stripped of Jesus (mocking, spitting, stripped naked, blasphemed, ridiculed, laughed at.) And to think that He did it all for ME! He could have called ten thousand angels, but He chose to refuse the anesthetic drink, just so He could experience the pain...just so I could be free! That got us BIG time. Could/Would I be willing to be stripped of my dignity and basically made a mockery of just to save somebody that along the way would prove unfaithful, disobedient, idolotrous, get the picture...probably not...I'm human. But He did knowing full well what kind of relationship He was getting when He saved me. Very humbling and I am so thankful that Jesus chose me and was willing to experience ALL for me so I could go free. I have never seen the Passion of the Christ for the only reason that seeing what my Lord did for me would be so grievous, so gut wrenching that at the time I didn't think I could handle it, but maybe I need to see it to be reminded of His costly sacrifice.

Luke said...


Good stuff! Thanks for getting my wheels turning this morning.

I watched "The Passion" and only cried at one part... and it had nothing to do with Jesus but rather Mary Magdalene as she remembered how Christ has impacted her life. I cried because I realized how little I realize how much Christ has done for me.

But, yes, I feel rather heartless at times because I don't get all emotional about Christ's death.

As for curses--typed "cures" the first time, oops--the Bible, as you know, talks a lot about the power of the tongue, speaking the truth in love, blessing and not cursing, and all that. Our words can really crush the spirit of people, and often do, but I agree that we often over spiritualize things.

But, the Bible cautions, consider what kinds of forest fires are started by a single spark. So even if our curses are ineffectual at the spiritual level, they certainly can have horrific impact on those around us.

Okay, now I'm rambling because I don't have a solid answer. Sorry. Just wanted to share some thoughts you had inspired.

And let me also postulate that perhaps, just perhaps, you will always have one or two unresolved household/homeschool issues [smile]. I think we can find peace in the grace God gives us for those. Amen.