Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture Day

Yesterday morning we spent some time at an old church building I'd passed a million times but never really noticed. A friend who just happens to be a stellar photographer showed us the place and took some shots of the family and my baby belly. Shane grabbed our camera as well and had fun shooting the girls while Jonna did my pictures.
Let me back up though-we all wore white shirts. Jaybird wasn't dressed yet and she came to me while I was getting ready. She had a white shirt with dark purple flowers on it. Her heart was set on wearing it, but no one would help her put it on since that wasn't what she was supposed to wear. Being the girl who knows what she wants, she ran away to find her pink plaid swim suit. Yep, she put it on right over her purple flowered shirt. Ta-da! She's ready for her picture to be made! This is so "her" by the way.

I'll be putting more in my sidebar as well as showing off the professional ones as soon as we get them!

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Vix said...

Im glad Im not the only one!! :) My sling was a life saver when we added #4 (Jadon) And he was high needs for sure and for certain.. Hey Im playing 10 good things.. Wanna play!? :)