Friday, September 19, 2008

10 Good Things

My new friend Vix, a fellow Sonlighter and mom of 5 (she also has a girl on the way!) invited me to play 10 Good Things. We have to list 10 things going well in our lives, and three have to be about things we're complaining about (Ahem, I do NOT complain, lol!)

1. The weather is incredible! Cool in the evenings & mornings, pleasant at the warmest part of the day.

2. We've successfully completed 3 weeks of school-3 cores going on at once (that's 3 grades to those of you not in the Sonlight world).

3. I have some sling material I got for a song waiting for me!

4. We joined Netflix last night so I can FINALLY pick out movies I want to watch (video stores disgust me with all their gruesome or R rated covers for my husband and children to see).

5. I started my Christmas shopping! Okay, only one item, but I have a nice list going!

6. Pumpkins have arrived at Wal-Mart-can't wait to get some for the porch.

7. My friend Leah and my friend Jennifer are both starting fantastic new seasons in their lives--one even got a new last name :)

8. The mystery I can't tell you about is developing nicely...maybe I've complained about this one...

9. We received our first end-of-pregnancy baby gift-a hand made blanket from Shane's boss. We received some cutie pie socks when I found out I was pregnant...

10. God is working in our family-I could write a lot more than 10 good things!

If you're reading this, consider it an invite to play along!


Vix said...

YAY. :) Hey I sent you my email address. :) But it used my husbands outlook thingy so I wrote my address in it. ;)

Anonymous said...

10 good things, hhhmm:

1. I am home
2. I have a home to live in with my children
3. I have a job that I enjoy
4. I have a car that is reliable (though loud, it needs a muffler)
5. I have 2 incredible children
6. I am starting a new season of life, and I am loving it
7. I have incredible friends
8. I have a loving and supportive family
9. I have enough money to take care of my children and still have some fun
10. We are all healthy

How is that?

Aletha said...

my 10:

1. I have a husband (though struggling) who provides fairly well for us
2.I have 3 wonderful little ones and two fantastic step kids
3. I am able to stay home and homeschool
4. My 17 year old senior son Terry has a well thought out plan for after grad. and is working hard toward it
5. My dyslexic daughter is finally starting to improve and hold her own in reading and fractions (it was very hard as it all mixed up together to her)
6. I have a home suitable to our needs
7. My husband received a small raise (just in time as we have had a small run of financial bad luck)
8. my car is currently still running
9. I have the absolute unreservedly best mother and father-in-law in the world
10. My brother-in-law John Byork and his wife Erin had a baby at 23 and 1/2 weeks and after losing down to below a pound, getting jaundice, having two blood transfusions, and lung problems seems to be holding his own (with oxygen) and has started opening his eyes for a few seconds at a time. He also after a week and half has started tolerating his mothers milk :). I could not imagine not being able to hold and love my newborn little one. With lots of care and prayers he will get to come home in 3--4 months. His little arms and legs are about as big around as a pencil.

This list came very quick to me as I have a tendency to get down on myself and the things around me so I am constantly telling myself I have no real reason for it since I have it pretty good.

My life is really good all things considered.