Friday, September 19, 2008

Missions and Money

With missions on my mind, I've been thinking of ways to be involved. One of the most obvious ways is financially but this avenue has been somewhat poo-poo'ed by some.

Let me explain: With an attitude against our wealthy American ways, people have snubbed American money being dropped into the mission's plate while the giver goes on with their selfish ways.

I'm not saying people don't give in an unsacrificial manner. I'm sure we all have been guilty.

But who does that matter to? Isn't it between the giver and their God?

Why do we get all worked up judging others' giving?

If God is our Provider and supplies all our needs, then the attitude and generosity (or lack of) shouldn't matter to us, right?

With my experience in ministry, ministry that needed funds-I can tell you we all appreciated a cheerful giver, but we'd be thankful for the provision regardless of the giver's heart!

And while we're talking about it, let me open up a can of worms: United Way money. There is a huge misunderstanding that all UW money is tainted with Planned Parenthood involvement. First, this isn't true-each local UW Organization chooses which charities they'll support. The top level has provided funds to PP, which is a shame but that doesn't mean our local PRC won't accept donations from our local, rather conservative, UW. They've been a lifeline for us!

And secondly-what is wrong with taking money away from Planned Parenthood? If the UW wants to take some of the funds from PP and give them to pro-life organizations that stand for Truth, why would PRCs want to object, possibly sending the funds right back to PP's pockets?

Money's origin and the attitude behind it...again, I'm not saying it's not an issue-I'm saying it's not OUR issue.

I think we get way too tied up in judging the origins/attitudes and miss the provision. My husband gave to a local United Way from his paycheck each week. It was a sacrifice. Was this sacrifice snubbed by a pro-life organization who didn't want to be dirtied by Planned Parenthood associations (not even knowing if they existed or not)? Ironic, huh?

So there's my soapbox. Let's be big givers to causes in which we see God moving. Let's not spin our wheels analyzing the giving of others. Sounds easy enough ;)

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