Monday, September 8, 2008

Good Lord + Good friends = Good days!

May I brag on the Lord?

This has been a very good day for me and I just gotta share! Our kids' best grown up friend, Andrea volunteered to take ALL our girls for the day. We met this morning in the doctor's office parking lot and didn't see the girls again until bedtime!

I got to walk this morning before we left town and boy is the Lord good! Do you think it's a coincidence that His mercies are new every morning and the earth smells and feels new at the start of each new day? My favorite time to be outside is morning-when the air is still damp and the town is just getting going. You can just smell how good God is, ya know?

The rest of the day was full of fun stuff too:

*Lunch with my husband at Chili's. Adult conversation!

*A trip to the library (I tried to find In Defense of Food, but it was checked out. I got Same Kind of Different as Me and can't wait to get further into it, it seems great so far).

*We found some clearance stuff at Wal-Mart that I needed to complete my hospital bag-nursing bras, PJs that will be modest for nursing with guests around and Shane finally bought himself some Dickie's uniform pants so I can stop washing the same ONE pair he's been limping by with (what's with it with guys and shopping, he had a valid reason for buying clothes and put it off forever...).

*I carried around a $14,000 check for a few hours. I'm not too special, I just happened to be the only signer on the account still around and the Pregnancy Center wanted to close out that account. Fun while it lasted!

*Came home to a quiet house where no one needed a diaper change or a referee! We enjoyed dinner alone, had some time to hang out and I topped it off with a Bible Study lesson and a chick flick before the girls got home!

I know my day's events aren't really blog worthy, but I want to give props to people who invest in others' lives. Andrea isn't just babysitting my kids, she's investing in them, sowing good stuff into their hearts. She's a mentor to Ashlyn, a coach to Hope and Beth and she's ready to take Jay on as soon as it's time! She does fun stuff with them and treats us to a day alone at the same time. Because of her work today, I feel I have a great start to my week.

I am not a selfless person like that. I'm amazed at her energy, stamina and willingness to work so hard for others. I hope my kids get that good stuff from her, they sure don't get it from their hermit-stay on task kind of mom.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple in my life that is my "Andrea". I completely know what you mean. When my kids are with them, they come home loved on in ways that I can't love on them. Everyone comes out a winner.


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

That is so cool! You really needed that break, I know!

i'mDmommy said...

So what was the chick flick you induldged in??? Inquiring minds NEED to know!!!

That is awesome! Andrea is a great friend. First hand, I know she is an awesome nurse. Tell her hi from me!

Wendy said...

The Wedding Planner...not a new movie or anything, but I hadn't seen it. It was cute ;)