Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still waiting

I'm sure we're almost there-we have a modem, but something isn't right since it won't work. Shane's just wrapped up his 2 double shifts of the week, so maybe in the next day or two he can figure out what's wrong. I hope to be back soon. You won't believe the blog posts piling up in my head, lol. The saying is true, though: A clean house is a sign of a broken computer. I've been able to get a lot done the last week. On top of that, we've made some cool decisions I can't wait to share about. It helps that softball is over, too, so we have more free time than ever (well, it's not so free when you're using it to catch up, is it?).

See you all soon-miss you! Smooches!

1 comment:

i'mDmommy said...

Well hurry up and get to postin' I can't wait to hear the decisions that y'all have made...