Monday, June 2, 2008

And the Baby is...

Well, it's a baby! The baby has a beautiful spine and rib cage, a sweet profile, great legs...but that's all we know...well, except that he/she has the natural modesty of his/her oldest sister. We got some great shots of the baby all reclined, with one hand behind it's head and a leg hiked up like it's lounging beside the pool...yet nothing else could be revealed.

At first, we all thought we saw boy parts but in the next instant, the baby shifted (she/he did that a lot) and it looked like girl parts. The 3 lines of girl parts could have been the umbilical cord...but we just couldn't secure a good look.

I go to my regular doctor's appt in a week and from there will have the official sonogram scheduled, so maybe we'll know in a couple of weeks.

I've never been more anxious to find out than this pregnancy. It doesn't really matter to me either way, but each scenario brings such a different family dynamic. I was nervously giddy on the way and am pretty bummed that we don't know. I am thankful that we know the baby looks good and is on schedule developmentally.


Janet said...

Sorry for your disappointment :( Don't be mad but I think it's funny...I love anticipation, feels like Christmas! Anyway, don't be bummed. This sweet little one is full of surprises before she/he even arrives! Hmmm, what personality type is this???
By the way, have you noticed how you switch back and forth in writing he/she, then next time you'll write she/he. lol. Just like a real author! (and it's politically correct too ya know)
Remember, "laughter is good medicine" God does have a wonderful sense of humor! (and I know you do too!)
Congratulations on a healthy baby,
Love ya a bunch!!

Summer said...

Thank God it's a baby! so yeah, I was just about to email and ask. Cause I completely forgot to drive by your house on the way the to the ballpark. Glad you did not make us loyal blog-readers wait too long. Talk more tomorrow. love me

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I forgot to mention this earlier today, but unti I was about 23 weeks with Emily, she was a toad frog (according to my mom and my doc at the time) LOL!!

Emily and Hopy are so on different pages about this baby. On our way out to the porch, I asked Em if she thought it was a boy or girl. "It's a GIRL, momma." Then Hope very enthusiastically threw out, "NO, it's a BOY!" LOL. It'll be fun to see who's right . . . Love you!

Wendy said...

Janet-thanks for the encouragement ;) I'm no real author though, I kept writing "she" and had to go back and fix it. I noticed I was doing it opposite each time but was too lazy to fix it. Glad my laziness actually made me look like I had it together, lol.

Summer-I can't believe you forgot to drive by. You're getting moved to the bottom of the list when we do find out, lol.

Jennifer-one of them is right! Can't wait to know which one!

Tonya said...

I would have been bummed too! But I am glad s/he is healthy! Better luck on the next one :)