Friday, June 13, 2008

Precious Kids

Sonflower Camp for Handicapped Kids has been a part of our lives for several years now. It gets crazy taking the kids to and from camp for three days (it's half an hour away), but it's so worth it. They are exposed to children and adults with all kinds of needs and I hope by spending time with them at camp each year, that they'll always value all people no matter what they're mental ability or mode of transportation (legs or wheels!). Here are some pictures from the last day of camp-with a western theme, of course! I would have more but my little buddy Jaybird (everyone is assigned a buddy to help with) was a bubble fanatic and we only left the bubbles to chase a goat or two, then quickly had to get back to bubble blowing!

This is one of my favorite moments at camp. I love seeing teens interact whole heartedly with their buddy.
Here's another one that made my heart smile. Jake really had his buddy's attention with those bubbles!

This little guy was just chasing goats...

Here's some of my crew on a hayride! Ash rotated buddies throughout the three days. Beth ended up with her on the 2nd & 3rd day because Beth's sweet Buddy Jessica was out. Jessica & BB have been together for a couple years, but BB isn't old enough to remember her from year to year. Our family does though, and we adore her.
Jessica-a helper who takes her job very seriously.

Hope was assigned to her little cousin, Adri. Hope proved herself a hard worker and was very on top of her job. She changed diapers willingly and was quite selfless in her care of her buddy.

Oh, and here's my bubble blowing buddy! I have a dozen pictures of her blowing bubbles! I needed a park bench by the bubbles, I camped there all morning!

This is one of the best grandmas I know! She brings her grandbabies to church often--doesn't she look happy with her Hank!? I want to be this kind of grandma someday.

Eli-one of my bestest friend's son. He's the oldest...

Then close behind is Judah...

Then Caleb...

And after three boys comes Lydia-who can hold her own with her big brothers! Hmmm maybe we'll get a boy at the end of our train of girls!

Oh wait, these aren't kids-it's Tracy & Chris!


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

That is so neat! We need to get Garrett and Christin involved in something like that. It would be really good for them.

Janet said...

I haven't seen Tracy in a while, my how she's changed! lol
sorry we missed it :(