Monday, June 30, 2008

Ahem, still waiting :(

My sweet husband has worked and worked to figure out whythe new modem and new ethernet card won't work. Our computer recognizes that they're in place, but won't connect to the net. If you've heard the cries of frustration, it was Shane.

Meanwhile, I've been able to get a lot done. Here's a little summary:
*I've eaten about a dozen hamburgers in the last 1.5 weeks...I've never craved hamburgers (not the McDonald's kind-the real, thick meat kind) before, but hey, it's better than soap, right Summer?
*Shane joined a gym and has lost 8 lbs.
*I've not had sugar in 3 weeks today.
*We started a new small group with new friends from church.
*Softball ended (whew, just in time, not sure I could do one more game in this heat!). Hope's team won 1st place!
*Shane and I talked about moving to New Zealand (seriously-and from a man who doesn't even fly).
*We looked at a house 30 miles away...but not as seriously as we've talked about moving Down Under.
*Oh, and Shane informed me he'd like to raise bats once we move to the land...not sure about that one.
*We've made some career/financial decisions that should result in more time at home and paying down/off a credit card very soon.
*We're seriously planning our move to our land-I started the loan application process today! If you work in law enforcement or education and live in the Lone Star State, check out this grant program for Texas Heroes. Edit: Only check into this if you're patient. Turns out they've not funded it for 2008...
*I've watched 3 movies (Amazing Grace, The Ultimate Gift, and Bucket List-first two were good, skip the last one), finished a book and restarted a sewing project. I've also decluttered the living room including books & toys. 2 BIG decluttering projects are in the wings...

However, of all the things we've accomplished there's one that's still undone...finding a name for this baby girl! Everyone but Shane calls her Audrey, and Beth even calls her Audrey Braiden (after a boy in her SS class) yet Daddy won't give it...yet.

Hope to be back full time soon-miss you all!


Summer said...

So why Down Under? bats are creepy. do they offer something positive of which I am unaware? And I think the name Audrey Shane would be cute :)

oh and when you are craving soap, then it is better than burgers.

Wendy said...

Well, Shane read an article about Americans moving to New Zealand and he's ready to join them. It's beautiful there, there's hardly any crime-they don't even need street lights there's so little crime, and there's virtually free healthcare. He's not ruling it out as a plan for "someday" but I'm kinda putting it in the category of putting in a Starbucks near the new highschool-fine idea but probably aint gonna happen :)

Bats-I have no idea. You know, there are some things about my husband you just smile and nod to :)

Anonymous said...

You could still move to Ohio! I will have the house in ship shape in a couple of months!


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Nope. You can't move to New Zealand. I am disallowing that. LOL.

Audry . . . hmmm. Who came up with that one? I kinda like it. It's unique!

Amber said...

Yum to big juicy hamburgers...good for you...iron!

I'd love to hear more about your possible future move!

Janet said...

I like Audry Shane too (how sweet). Audry sounds sophisticated yet kind of a pioneer type woman (sorry, can't quite describe the picture in my head). I also think bats are cool. They probably eat mosquitos and I bet they're poo is good for something too! :)
FYI..I met a lady named Coralee (goes by Cory), when I see her name on my caller ID I think 'that's a pretty name'.
Love ya!! And I do miss you!