Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a rare moment in our's late afternoon and all my girls (even the borrowed one, Adri) are asleep.

Yesterday after church, we went to a friend's lake house for a cookout and boating/swimming thing. We had so much fun-and Jaybird thoroughly enjoyed this hot dog (in addition to about 2 more). We didn't get home until about 10pm, but it was worth it.

Big sis and baby sis...aren't they can tell Jay would rather be down playing with all those cool toys!

Like this one...although it's not her style to let someone else drive!
Little Bitty Bethy had to be on the boat every chance she got. Did she want to be in the back watching her sister 'tube? No way. The front is the only place for her-where she can see the waves!
This is our new friend, Shannon. She got to know Ash real well while Ash 'tubed for the first time. At least the sound of Ash's scream will probably be etched in Shannon's brain. Forever.

I kept thinking last night that this is the life...maybe even the abundant life Jesus promised. But then I thought how "American" that sounded. Do tribal people in Africa not get the abundant life because they don't water ski, eat hot dogs, or camp out? That's when I refined my thoughts a's not the activities we were doing that made life feel so good yesterday, it was the sharing of what we had (believe me, that wasn't our boat or 'tube!), sharing a meal, enjoying the enthusiasm of children playing with their friends while enjoying good fellowship--all while experiencing God's creation together. It's comfortable friendships, good hospitalitity and good conversation...that's the good stuff!


Summer said...

I think Kenny Chesney needs to add a stanza from this post to his "The Good Stuff" song.
I'm glad y'all had a good time. And you captured the "essence" of the day perfectly...we are definitely blessed to be living the life we are. Days like yesterday help us to remember that.

p.s. I couldn't believe it when Graham said you had stayed out so late!

Wendy said...

Well, we had to wait for Hope to get off the boat :) She was watching Graham knee board...then we left and Beth had to pee, so we went back. And, umm, Graham stayed later than we did :) Wish you could've stayed, too.

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I'm jealous . . . I miss the water. Maybe Ronnie will be able to get Lazerus risen and we can take the girls out on the Hobie this summer!