Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Ode to a Hike

I’m feeling extra inspired
Probably because I am so tired.

Yesterday we went on a hike
And by mile 2, I wished I had a bike.

But Dad, striking out so bold,
Found a great rock with signs of old.

We went on a search for a geocache
But the GPS and I didn’t match.

Dear Hubby figured it out
But not before we’d extended our route.

Finding the stash while hiding from briars,
Our four year old’s excitement flew higher and higher!

Bethany, while looking under a rock
Found what all of us had not!

In a can that had held bullets that kill,
We found prizes and toys to thrill!

We even found a travel bug, I have to boast
It will be moved along to the Ivory Coast!

Off we go, to head back to camp,
Sure wish we had a handicapped ramp.

The reason Dad’s old back is sore
Is that little Bethany said, “Carry me more!”

Jaybird was content in the sling
But her 25 pounds weren’t no little thang!

I got worried; Dad had left to answer the call
Dark was falling and we had to haul!

Mom alone prods the girls-"Go with all your might
We have to get out of the woods before night!"

Safe and sound we finally arrived at the head of the trail
There was Daddy-looking a little frail!

“Rest” is a good adjective for the room
We all raced there in the night’s gloom!

Safe and together at last, we headed to camp
Where the Fluitt family had our dogs under a lamp.

We ate and ate and retold the tale
Of when we all traveled that Mineral Wells trail.


summer said... got some serious rhyming skills. I like it! Yea for fun family times!

Latte-n-Libre said...

Love the poem. Our families will have to get together on a Friday and go geocaching together! Hugs.

shirleyhill said...

Oh you wax so poetic! Sounds like you had a blast.