Monday, October 8, 2007

Math U See

I found myself on Math U See's website today! How fun! Since I was added to their blogroll, I thought I'd share how we came to use MUS.

As a new HS mom, I stuck to only what the Sonlight Catalog sold. The HS curriculum world was just too big for me to wander around in, so I stuck close to home (SL will always be home...fellow SL users get this). We used 2 other fine math curricula during this time-Singapore and Miquon, both sold and highly recommended by SL. Ash did well at first, but somehow we just fell behind. I could have been trying to do too much-instead of picking complementary pages from each book, I had her doing all of the pages in each book. It became confusing and I no longer knew what she had covered and what she lacked training in.

Because I'd been around the SL forums a lot, I'd seen MUS's name come up over and over again. I researched it a little, showed the free DVD to Ash, did the online placement--then jumped in with both feet. Ash & Hope both started Alpha-about 1st grade level (this was last year, when Ash was doing 4th grade work).

Ash soon overheard me tell someone that she was doing catch up work, due to my decision that she should start back at the beginning so she wouldn't miss anything. She is now about to finish Beta (2nd grade book) and Hope is back to Alpha after I bumped her back to Primer last year.

Ash's reaction to being at a younger grade level is the only draw back to MUS-we love every aspect of it. I love the way it builds each lesson with information from the previous lessons and I appreciate that it's thorough and "on purpose" in its sequence. I love the way they teach in a multisensory way, and I especially love that I can tell the girls to go watch the DVD at the beginning of each chapter and they "get" it right away.

Steve, the main guy at MUS is a solid Christian; I love supporting another believer's work--and I've NEVER had quicker shipping. We have ordered one morning and our new books arrived the very next day! (I'm sure this varies, since the orders go through individual MUS reps.)

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