Thursday, October 25, 2007

Annual Family Camping Trip

Okay, so reading the post below, you might think we're cruel and just make our kids sit in the dark on the couch eating raisins while cute goblins ring the door bell. We don't. I promise.

In order to avoid Halloween and to make good memories, we go camping the day our town trick or treats. It simply removes us from the day-out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. Any bad attitudes are quickly left behind when we're outside experiencing God's beauty at a State Park.

We have had attitudes, too. Believe me. A couple of years ago, when we started this traditon, we were at Mineral Wells State Park and our oldest protested most of the day. We cheerfully restated our case and moved on. In a few days, I overheard her telling someone else what a good time we had and that she doesn't want to celebrate Halloween with her kids (someday) either.

Last year was quite an experience! I wish Halloween fell earlier in the month. In Texas, October days are usually stunningly beautiful but the nights get chilly by late October. I was overly optimistic about our ability to handle the cold--with a three month old! It was cold in that tent. We froze. I started to run a fever and froze even more. The only fever meds I had were for the kids. A half a bottle of Children's Tylenol later, my fever broke and I was burning up. Ever hear the phrase "If momma's cold the kids put on a sweater"? Well, when I was frozen, I cuddled little Jay close and piled the covers on us. When I was hot, I was sure she was hot, so I practically uncovered us, leaving her pretty bare! I promised I'd never tent camp again!

This year, we're day camping ;)


summer said...

We have a travel trailer in our backyard that you are welcome to borrow. It makes camping so much more enjoyable. Or, you could just camp in it in our backyard. We get no trick-or-treaters out here:)'re welcome to it! Oh, and I respect your convictions.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the offer Summer-I might take you up on it if you really mean it :)

Of course, there's not time to take it this time, but Shane needs to burn some vacation time soon...could we all fit? Could Graham get some time off too?

And I appreciate your convictions :) Hope the wedding goes off without a hitch!