Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New things...

I'm trying new things this year...anything that intimidates me, I'm trying to "go for it". My progress on this goal is best saved for a different post, but I wanted to share some "firsts"I experienced this very day!

First, I (insanely) took 5 children & myself-including two one year olds-for hair cuts this morning. It really wasn't the one year olds that scared me, it was my almost-seven year old. She loves all the pretty necklaces and boas that the salon sells and she can't keep herself from wandering over to them. This in itself isn't so bad, but then her 4 yr old sister has to follow her over and then Jaybird toddles over as well, licking the glass display case while Hope yells at Beth not to touch, who then steps back into a display of glittery T-shirts all while Ash is busy taking my calls and can't stop her sisters from bringing total chaos to the salon! This hasn't actually happened, but I fear it will while I'm around the corner getting my hair cut--with my glasses off, so I can only really hear what's going on!

So, I prayed for it to go well, asked a friend to pray...and then I pulled out my spatula and threatened each child over 2 1/2 feet tall that they'd better behave. My spatula is still in my purse-it went unused today! The've never acted better and it went fairly well. The babies got tired at the end, so Ash took them all outside and got them buckled in the car seats (with the van's side doors open). There they ate their snack while I pretended to be a public school mom with no children with her enjoying getting my hair cut, lol.

After 2 hours, we did survive! Beth and I even shared a tender moment--the stylist left her in the chair and ran to wash another woman's hair. Beth is shy and although she loves getting her hair done, I know its a stretch for her to let someone else so close. I was telling her how pretty she was and quietly asking her if she liked the pretty green shimmery cape on her. She batted her long eyelashes and smiled...then she said, "Mommy, will you pick my nose?".

My other first was that I cooked kabobs! I don't have much experience cooking meat other than ground beef or baked chicken, so this was a fun stretch for me. It's all because the e-mealz program has it on the menu-the directions were so easy and they turned out great! I think Shane will enjoy them.

Be blessed-and try something new!

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