Friday, October 19, 2007

Needing some insight here

Okay, all five of you readers-I need some help. When I get tired, I start to think my life is spinning out of control. When I think about my life like that, I start to think "I hate my life" which is a terrible thing to think! I don't want to walk around feeling defeated day after day.

I think it all stems from my need to get up early to get school started (there is no option but to do school at this time of day b/c of my job and other afternoon/evening activities like piano lessons, church, & karate). I can't easily go to bed early because of Shane's schedule. On his worknights, he sleeps until 11, and leaves shortly thereafter. If I got to bed before he leaves, either I wake him up getting Jaybird and I to bed (she sleeps with me) or he wakes me up leaving, or both.

There are no extra bedrooms...I'm not seeing a good about you?


MommyD said...

What time do you USUALLY get up and go to bed? I get up at 5am and try to be in bed by 9pm (no later than 10pm). If I get tired during the day, I lay down and take a 20min power nap. As far as you waking each other up...get twin beds :)! I threaten to do that once a week!


Wendy said...

I am usually up at 7, and got to bed-are you ready--about midnight or 1 at the latest. Once he leaves, I'm wound up in a project (read: blog) and my mind's in gear. I can't find a way to get us in bed before he leaves.

I'm figuring out that at least a tiny bit of this problem is due to my own lack of self control...yuck. Can't it be someone else's fault entirely?

MommyD said...

Well...I say go to bed earlier and get up earlier! I turn to a punkin at midnight! Start over and rethink your day. Eliminate the extra steps and rebuild. kwim?