Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I don't take my kids to Wal-Mart

Some of you already think I'm too overprotective. That discussion is for another post, but for those of you who believe that about me, this will only add fuel to your fire. That's okay with me, so let's just move on. :)

For some time now, most of my grocery shopping trips are solo. It started because one of my children was especially bad about begging and whining for things, so I banned her. Then I realized it was pretty nice to just take the baby and go alone. Last year I even went a few times with  my mp3 player so even in the crowd, I was in my own little world. Now I plan my trips for nap time and don't even take the baby!

Since that time, I've solidified my reasoning for going it alone each week. Here are my main reasons in no certain order:
  • I don't even like Wal-Mart. Somehow by keeping my family out of there, I feel I'm sticking it to the man.
  • In a small town, when you're sick and bored, it seems to be the trend to go to Wal-Mart. I ran into a friend today cooling his feverish head with the biscuits he was about to buy. He said he has pnemonia. Nice. Also, everyone who runs in for their antibiotics also picks up milk and bread. Then I get their cart when they're done.
  • I am a serious shopper. I walk fast, keep my eyes down and have a list. I have a system. "Get off the cart",  "Stop dragging your feet" and "Get out from under that clothes rack" are not sentences that fit into my system.
  • I spend less without little helpers telling me all the things we "need". 
  • It's a sick kind of quiet time for harried moms. I admit it's not ideal but hey, I'll take what I can get.
  • I buy clearance items for birthday and Christmas gifts, so I don't need any potential recipients with me. 
  • Every once in a while, I like to take it slow and wander through the crafts or holiday aisle. Wandering and kids don't mix well. 
  • I hate Cosmo and Redbook and the like and I don't need my little readers practicing their new skills as I'm loading up the conveyor belt. Our WalMart doesn't have those handy magazine holders that cover all but the titles and there are no magazine free check out lanes. 
  • And one of the best is too true. 
There you have it.  Overprotective? Maybe. But how else would I get such an adventurous retreat each week? :)


bluemirror said...

You should move here (Australia) ... we don't have walmart!

Actually... our supermarkets are getting just as bad. they now seem to stock clothes, DVDs and some basic medications as well. And they have the magazine rack problem, coupled with lots of kid-marketed sugar at kid-eyelevel. Do you get that too? chocolate bars overpriced and displayed at checkout?

Actually, prime example: for about a year, a 2L coke sold for $2.20 down in the aisle, but a 300mL coke at checkout sold for $3.20 ...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Wendy! I DO take my kids in there occasionally when I have ALL of them with me and it's do or die, but it makes me want to run and scream. And the magazines bug me, too. And the bwhahahahahahah! If I only took my camera with me more. It's like that poster you see occasionally "What has been seen, cannot be unseen" and same goes for heard. Whoo. Walmart, place to pick up EVERYTHING(sick germs, cry fits for toys, bad habits, a few extra pounds, and "new" words)! No joke!

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I agree! Of course my MAIN reason for going alone to Wal Mart is alone time! Honestly, I wouldn't even GO to Wal-Mart if I didn't have to!