Monday, January 18, 2010

Mentoring in Modern Times

For most of my life, I've had a mentor. A Titus 2 woman is what we call it in Christian circles. As a teen, I worked in the school library one period my junior and senior year and Mrs. A listened to my drama. I'm sure  she prayed for me many, many times. She was so wise and gracious. I'll never forget her tenderness to me.

During my college days, my intern supervisor coached me in marriage, parenting, and spiritual matters. We're still close friends today, although she claims I mentor her as much as she does me. I'm not so sure I agree...

At this moment, I don't have an intense mentoring relationship. I have an accountability group and lots of friends who support me, but no older woman really mentoring me. I was recently talking to a friend about this and we lamented that it's simply hard to find a mentor these days. Although it's not easy, it is worth the search. All those resolutions you made last week? A mentor would be a great person to help you walk those out. The benefits of a mentor are too numerous to list, but one thing is for sure, she'll change your life! It's a beautiful thing, don't miss out on this important relationship in your life.

I prayed about finding a mentor for this current season and one woman did come to mind, and I believe I could do more thinking and come up with a few more I could approach. If God wants you to be under another woman's guidance, I know he'll supply you with the perfect match. However, I think we can supplement that with some good, online influences. I have been reading Tomato Soup Cake for a couple of years now and I'm drawn back time and again because of this momma's gentle and wise ways. Grab a cup of tea and plan to spend some quiet moments soaking in her sweetness. She's in love with the Lord and it shows. Her parenting is kind and firm, and she lives a life of uniqueness. She's not concerned with living as the culture says, but as God has outlined for her. I know you'll love her!

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The Mrs. said...

TWendy, if you are desperate for a mentor, I will step up to the plate and be your mentor! I am an older woman....LOL....although, I might not be the woman for the job!