Friday, January 8, 2010

Survival Mode

I think it must be a tradition for my crew to start off a new year with illness. This isn't the first year we've experienced winter colds in January. I suspect it has more to do with sugar overload and sleep deprivation than anything else...but what do you do? Even trying to limit sugar in December is a full time job.

In spite of the coughing, we're trying to get school done anyway. We'll be glad we pushed though come June. However, we're in survival mode here. Proof: my tree is still up. My dead live tree that is so dried out the needles are petrifying. The lights are still hanging outside. All the other decor is put away but I can't do the tree alone and my hubby won't be home to help until this we work around it. Try to ignore it.

What I find is the quickest way to getting the house in some sort of order is to keep the kitchen clean. When everyone's sick and the housework piles up, having a clean(ish) kitchen is is lifesaver. Nothing is more defeating than realizing you have to wash silverware before you can serve the cereal you just poured milk into, especially if those cereal bowls are crammed onto the table with everyone's junk they just set down and leave behind. I might know this from experience. Lots of it, possibly.

No matter what the circumstances, when life starts to spin out of control, clean your kitchen and make sure your pantry is stocked. It just makes life feel more tolerable. Fly Lady says to always go to bed with a shiny sink and you'll wake up feeling on top of things. I so agree.  Even when  life isn't crazy, getting the kitchen behind you on your cleaning day can help you feel the rest of the day is a breeze.

Test this out and tell me if I'm wrong. It just feels good to have a clean kitchen.

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Shelby Jones said...

I'm lucky, Stanton cleans the kitchen in our house. I really dislike doing the dishes and he doesn't mind so much, so he kind of just took over in there. It works for me, he gets to clean the kitchen and I get the rest of the house.