Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everyone's got something...

Have you heard the great new song, "Perfect People"? There's no such thing as perfect people... the lyrics go.

I read not long ago on anther blog that everyone has one area they don't have together (I'd add that it's at least one!). If every time you visit their home it's perfectly clean and tidy, you can guess their bedroom is a mess or their checkbook isn't balanced. We, of course, like to assume if their home looks good, their entire lives must be perfect and we, by comparison, must be failures.

I think this can be especially true for homeschooling moms. We have to constantly fight the idea that all the other homeschool moms have it together and we're the only one with messy houses, rebellious kids, and stacks of unused curriculum.

Are you ready for some freedom? I am personally realizing I've been believing a lot of lies. I believe this year may be my year to seek out what those lies are and expose them to the light of day. It promises to be an exciting journey!

In December, as I was thinking of Mary and Joseph and the baby Messiah, it occurred to me that Mary and Joseph should have been the perfect parents. I mean, think of the pressure to raise the world's redeemer! The Perfect One! Yet, God purposefully chose to place his gift to the world into a sinful family.

I can assume Mary may have raised her voice. She may have become impatient. Maybe she showed favoritism (and who wouldn't hold up their sinless child as their favorite!). Joseph may have been harsh, or too soft. He may have struggled to be the spiritual leader in their home. Can you imagine being the spiritual leader to the Christ? Whatever the struggles Mary and Joseph faced, we can know God was not surprised by them. He knew their weaknesses and sinful appetities before they were formed. And he chose them anyway. He chose them to parent his Holy Son.

Just like he's chosen you to fit into your family. The husband you're supposed to be married to is the one you are currently married to, and the children you have were chosen for you. The circumstances of your life are not an accident, nor are they so unique that God can't give you victory over the challenges.

Pray God will open your eyes to truth, exposing the lies your hearts been suckered into living by. These are often subtle, but once exposed are actually quite alarming! I pray as you walk in truth, the weight of the lies will fall from your shoulders. It is for freedom He set us free!

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Vicki said...

Oh great post! I hear ya! I think in bloggy land we tend to post what we have going right and not what is reality. :) Thanks for the great post!