Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Goals

Well, you know if anyone talks about goals, it's going to be me, and well, since everyone is talking about resolutions right now, I have to join in! If you are anti-resolution, just do what my husband does and grunt when asked about resolutions or if you need a good one to get people like me off your back, you could always make it a resolution to not get scurvy this year.

However, if you are like me and actually like goals, then let's talk!

My goals for 2009 were mostly met. I did start eating sugar again moderately in October. I am happy with 9 months of almost no sugar. I am also pleased that I tried new things in 2009-but I know I'll always need to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and fight my fear of failure, so that challenge still stands.

I'm making another drastic goal similar to the no sugar goal of '09. I plan to exercise regularly all year long. I have an accountability group in place (the same group as the sugar challenge group). Yeah, this is way hard for me. I can do it for a little while but it doesn't take much to get me off track. I start tomorrow!

I would also like to craft more with my kids and by myself and I'm going to be learning a lot more about the power of herbs to help us be healthy.

Finally, I'm going to invest more in alone time with my man. Dates, reading together, whatever...but this is our 15th year (we'll celebrate our anniversary in June) and I want to keep the fire stoked, ya know?

Want to share your goals? Or your tips for a scurvy free year?


Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I have one goal this year - to finish what I start. That seems to be the theme of my life - not finishing anything. It will also encompass all I've been working on this last year - weight loss, organization, cleaning . . . you name it.

Latte-n-Libre said...

Your goals sound great. I love the one about the herbs because that is an area I would love to specialize in myself. I did a 5- part series on all my 2010 goals. Have a blessed year.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... scurvy free! You kill me, Wendy! Good for you! You're a stick-to-it person! I need more of that in me. I just wuss out and bail.

Herbs are good. I have some cool books, if you want to borrow, let me know. Dates are better! I've given up on the whole stereotypical date thing. We called up the grandma and had her watch the guys and we went deer hunting together. Talk about romance... watching each other lug massive dead weight many many yards. We loved each other more that we survived! LOL! Yeah, get some alone time! Congrats on the 15 years! Good for you and the working out! You can do it, I know it! :)

I blogged about my goals.

Mainly my big goal is to ignore the perfectionism that creeps in and ruins everything I want to do. So telling Perfectionism to kiss my foot is my main goal...and reading my Bible thru, and to lose 10 lbs.

The Mrs. said...

Well, I tried to respond to this yesterday and it booted me off!

I don't have me they seem destined to fail...I set goals. But I have to say that my goals should have included not getting scurvy.

Our library had some good books on herbs, minerals and vitamins...I studied some over the summer about what vitamins were good for what.