Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life Defining Questions

These questions have been on my mind lately. If you have answers, don't hold back. I may be emotionally stuck here until I can figure these things out. Y'all don't want to see me emotionally stuck, believe me, it ain't pretty.

Why is "google" not in Google's dictionary? I'm thinking if I'm typing the word google on a Google owned site, it should NOT come up as a misspelling. Oh, I think I am getting it-when it's capitalized, it's not underlined in the you-are-so-dumb shade of red. Well, Google-gods get with it, in America, google is also a verb!

Okay, here's another one. It's for you quasi-counselors out there. Why is it easier for me to be angry with one person than with myself? When I have an issue with just one person, it's much easier for me to move on with life than when I'm mad at me. When I'm mad at yours truly, world watch out! No one can do anything right when I feel I'm failing. Why, pray tell is that?

Another techy question: Google like owns the internet and has a ton of add-ons for iGoogle, right? Why can't I consolidate several of my gmail accounts all in one place? I can forward my yahoo! mail to my gmail account daily (in theory anyway, it seems to really just come in bursts every few days) but I can't just log into my iGoogle account and check all my (two) gmail accounts. It shouldn't be that hard, really.

Why is it that I can make myself keep up with my blog reading (in theory, again!) but my Bible reading gets missed so easily? Maybe God should blog? Yeah, like I'm sure it's God's fault...Wendy needs to get in gear. Oh, that leads back to being mad at myself! I think I spend my life going in circles, don't you? Well, please don't answer that.

Why were we egged yesterday? Again. We've been egged before, but I think it was around Halloween, so we chalked it up to pranksters. This time, I don't know. We had three outside dogs and all of them died this summer-two within a week of each other. Shane, being the skeptical pessimist thinks they may have been poisoned. Add that to the egging and I wonder if we're not on someone's hit list. Of course, it could have been just silly pranks (the eggs, not dogs). Why does it hurt me to be egged? It makes me want to cry!

Okay, blogger scholars-what type of mental case am I? Oops, no, this isn't a Facebook quiz...(just fyi-Blogger thinks Facebook isn't a word-can't all these sites just get along?). Well, go ahead, diagnose me if you can't identify with my questions, but if you're mean I'll just go hang out on Facebook like I did most of the summer instead of blogging. ;)

Peace Out


Luke said...

Google is a verb. I don't know why it's not included in Google's dictionary yet.

I find that the closer you are to me the harder it is for me to just let something negative roll off me. Likely because I have to live with me--and those close to me--and so I want it to be "perfect" ...whereas a stranger can say/do just about anything and it doesn't matter because I won't see him again any time soon. As for negative feelings toward others when you're feeling down on yourself, I believe that's probably a form of projection.

Google connects everything to your Google Account... and so it must keep them separate. Google really wants you to just be one person linked to one master account so they can control you more easily [smile].

God's blog would probably be awesome. As for reading the Bible daily, I think it's guilt and putting too much pressure on it. I read one chapter every morning (or half a chapter if it's long). Take the pressure off and it's way easier.

We haven't been egged in a while, but someone keeps stealing our milk. It hurts because it's an invasion of your life and destruction of your property.


Wendy said...

Well Luke, you are the man! I think you hit the nail on the head on every issue.

I am all for Google doing a master account but putting emails under that master heading, not as the defining master account. I have no idea if that makes sense. I want to open iGoogle and have my email accounts listed, my reader, my calendar, and so on right there. I don't want to log into and out of each gmail account. Someday maybe...

Alison said...

Why not just forward one gmail to the other? i did that, and i could even filter it by who it was sent to...