Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is Bliss

This feeling right now-this is what life is all about. Well, okay, not spiritually, but just hang with me.

Shane is about to be home for a long weekend (as if we aren't blessed with long enough weekends, we are extra excited that he actually gets holidays off now!). The house is mostly clean. The kids are playing nicely with a friend over, and I'm catching up on my feed reader while watching Audrey toddle around the dinning room. (Y'all know she's walking now, right? She's almost 10 months old and has been walking for a good month or so).

We have plans for Life Group at our house and some friends we've known for about 15 years are coming over this weekend. The guys will go fish or something while the moms take the kids to the park and then cook dinner together. The weather is mild and I'm about to go turn on my tart burners to release the butterscotch aroma Audrey and I picked out when buying tarts the other day. It just feels good. My heart is content.

I know it's not much, but as a recovering perfectionist momma to five starting out the school year, it's a lot to feel this good right now. I hope your Labor Day weekend is equally blissful as you absorb the special moments going on all around you.


Jennifer said...

Ok, so you've known Joey for 15, but not me but if feels like it doesn't it? Lookin forward to it too!!

Wanna run at the park while the guys watch the kiddos at the park???

Wendy said...

Well I was trying to think exactly how long we've known Joey...hard to say since I knew of him at least for years in school. Shane says he didn't know Joey prior to his pizza hut days, so maybe it's been a little more than 15 years?

Um, run at the park? Aren't the guys going to the lake? I'm up for walking, running I only do when no one is looking, lol!