Monday, September 7, 2009

Things I Love

I've done this fun thing before but my friend Alisha, who is also a new blogger, challenged her readers to it and I'm not good at passing up challenges.

*Sensitive hard working husbands. I've had one all along, but he's even more so today.
*Dryers with lights inside. I'm getting one today and I'm quite excited about the light.
*The beautiful frailty of a newborn.
*Grassroots anything.
*People with big goals, especially when those goals result in others being lifted up.
*My daughters who are all as different as can be.
*My first born's varied tastes and that she walks to the beat of her own drum.
*My second born's strong gifting in hospitality. Someday she'll have a Bed & Breakfast and you'd be blessed to make reservations.
*Bethany's freckles.
*Jaika's southern twang. Her favorite dress is pink and her version of pink rhymes with spank. Pank.
*Audrey...I love surprise babies. Oh my, especially when they're as laid back as she is.
*Exploring new adventures with my children through their read alouds (thank you Sonlight!).
*The hum of a working household
*The smell of morning.
*My grandma.
*Sweaters...and sweater weather (all two weeks of it we might get here in Texas).
*People who think outside the box.
*My camera.
*Rebels like midwives, homeschoolers, minimalists.
*Sunny windows.
*Naps-for me, for the babies...
*Fall and Christmas smelling candles.
*Quilts, especially when combined with candles, read alouds, and Bethany's freckles.
*Hearing my children use mature vocabulary and think nothing of it (ahem, this does not count Jaika's newest phrase: "Oh, Dangit!" but I must admit he twang and the word dangit is pretty funny.
*Good debate.
*Good friends.
*My favorite apron and blue & white striped pitcher. They make working in the kitchen fun.
*My God who loves, redeems, draws, and restores.

I'll pass the challenge on. If you're short on time, just throw some favorites into the comments, if you're inspired to count your blessings this way, then you're hereby commissioned to go do it on your blog-tell me you're doing so in the comments and we'll all go read yours too!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Look! I've started a riot! My list is so superficial compared to yours and Jennifer's! LOL! :)

ShelbyLinn said...

Definitely doing this when I get my laptop back tonight!