Sunday, August 30, 2009

Progress Report

So how are those New Year's Resolutions working out for you?

Oh yeah, those...

I must admit I can't recite mine off the top of my head but I think they were to not eat sugar, to try more things, and I'm sure to read my Bible more.

I'm still sugar free and along with the rest of my group plan to finish out strong. Trying new things-well, I am making baby steps. Uhh, Bible...well, my book mark is in May in my One Year Bible. I'm chugging along but obviously not hitting it every day.

This post isn't a guilt trip, don't worry. I have just realized that when Fall comes, there's a new wave of freshness in the air, don't you think? If you have school aged kids, you are probably starting them out with fresh clothes & crayons, a new school year, and new goals. I know with
home school moms, this is far reaching as we also feel the need to get our houses in order.

So, what are you thinking for Fall?

I've been working on the doula gig this summer and am now in more of a waiting mode-waiting for clients and waiting for the workshop to come together. So, doula-ing is a sort of fresh start, teaching the girls again this school year, starting a little PreK with Jaika, starting a new Beth Moore Bible study, and as silly as it sounds, I feel I have a little of a fresh start with my new-to-me laptop. It's ALL MINE so I can install anything I want and have only my stuff bookmarked. Sorry, I got a little carried away thinking of a possession I get all to myself. You know, like the washing machine.

Any new goals in your life? Any old goals that need revamping? Do share, I love goals almost as much as I love my children!

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Janet said...

I would love to see some more handprints on your washing machine! You have a couple girls who would do a great job! My JB2 is doing an unbelievable job with the laundry (I just did it with him for a couple wks then he took over) I now do about 1 out of 20 loads! And RB2 is doing some of my computer input for work. It's great! I know how HARD it is to let someone else do MY stuff because it might not get done JUST RIGHT(you know me, I want to tell you what spoon to stir with, lol)...and it never would've happened if my dh didn't put his foot down. Thanks honey!
My point? I have more time to do other things, from fall cleaning to my Bible reading, to commenting on your Blog!! DELEGATE, it does a body good! ;)