Saturday, August 1, 2009

Doula Website

I've been working on my new site, why don't you check it out and let me know what you think.

Boy it's hard to know how to please everyone when setting up a site. I have a video that plays automatically but Shane said to set it so it doesn't start because there are still dial-up folks on the planet. But when I saw this video on other doula sites, I didn't press play-but it's a great video so I want everyone who comes to my site to see it.

It's also a challenge to me to see how God has given me such favor in the doula gig that has in turned open so many potential doors, and I don't want to miss how I'm supposed to honor him through it. My heart has finally settled on the truth that I am just who I am (and I am His!), which will be quietly evident as I work with each family. Thanks Summer for helping me iron that out.

Have a splendid weekend, friends. I have a post brewing about missions and one of the big new things related to missions that irks me like nails on a chalkboard. I'll be back soon with that!


Tonya said...

Love your doula site! It made me wish I was pregnant so I could contact you! I guess you wouldn't consider driving to Alabama...:)

Wendy said...

For you, absolutely!

I know you're "home" where you live, but I sure wish you lived closer. We still need to plan that meet-in-the-middle trip. Think it will ever happen?

workingmom said...

Wendy your doula site looks excellent. I think that for most women this option isn't really given to them, or don't know that it even exists. I didn't know what a doula was until after I had Azlyn. It would have been really helpful then. I was so scared and lost by the whole process. How do you plan to promote yourself? Have you made business cards or anything for local OB clinics?

Wendy said...

Thanks :) Sorry you felt so lost with Azlyn's birth.

Well, the childbirth education teacher at Decatur's hospital is very excited about me and wants to promote me to her clients. I have a couple of doctors' offices where I'd like to have my cards and there are listings online. Word of mouth is really the most effective for this type of thing, and that just takes time.

Summer said...

Well, I didn't even know I was helping! so, now I have to go back and analyze everything I said, cause what if I'm wrong!! :) I am very proud of you! Just be Wendy, and He will be glorified! I'm gonna go check out the site again.