Monday, August 3, 2009

Quite a random weekend...

Okay, I know this is probably just a normal weekend in parenthood, but I still just gotta share these unrelated random happenings.

*I learned you can buy a casket at Costco. Hmmm. Where do you store it until you need it?

*We went thrift store shopping for doula/pregnancy books & work jeans for Shane. In front of us in line was a rather tattered looking older man who was buying heels, a wig, and some women's clothes...Shane noticed his manicure.

*At Costco, I locked both sets of keys in the car. Jaika saved the day and crawled through the back window of the van where the hinge in broken (so glad it's broken!). Very proud moment for her (she needed the ego boost after she got taken to the car for a huge tantrum she threw in Half Price Books, one in which her mom wanted to melt into the carpet).

*While standing there, a family drives by looking for a parking spot and apparently starts counting kids. In amazement, the dad holds up six fingers. I was a little distracted by the key situation and nodded...somehow in sign language we get it settled that we have 5 kids...he drove off with a huge grin. I noticed four children in his car...

*Costco sells a box of 6 Acuvue contacts for $13. I love Costco. Where else can you buy huge jars of whole dill pickles, contacts...and a casket?

*On that How Well Do You Know So-and-So quiz on Facebook, a friend (incorrectly) picked the answer that I met Shane while he was a carhop at Sonic. I just can't picture Shane in that job, but when I almost get my imagination to that high level, it makes me laugh really hard.

*And for the clincher-Miss Perfect Child Audrey was--are you sitting down? Finally fussy. She's been fussy & feverish for five days. Was determined to figure it out with a doctor's appt. today but she woke up feeling fine. She almost lost her crown, but now that she's feeling better, she's our Favorite Child once again.

PS-I got to know Shane when I dated his best friend, who was later the best man in the wedding. We were at his first wedding and the birth of his son...good times.

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Luke said...

I saw the caskets at Costco a couple weeks back. Kinda odd... but I still love Costco [smile].