Friday, August 28, 2009

Never Give Up

Okay, Summer is over, time to get back to work here. I'm talking to me and to you people who haven't been commenting (but I know you're reading 'cause you tell me...). My friend always knew her mom was about to go into a hormonal tirade when she said you people. If it gets you to comment, you can think I'm the same people.

My message today is never give up on anyone. Never burn bridges. Never write someone off.

Case in point: A new couple friend of ours (You know what a couple friend is, right? A couple who we are both friends with, got it?) has a story to tell. Boy. Let's see. Both the husband and wife came from dysfunctional broken homes full of family addictions. They still live near their families who are still dysfunctional and addicted. However, the couple is newly saved and vibrantly living for the Lord while allowing Him to strip their past habits away. They've both done jail time and have been addicted to drugs. In their new life, they're new homeschoolers (started this week with Sonlight!) to little boys and are witnesses to their lost friends and family. They get called hypocrites--to their faces--more often in a week than I've been in my entire life. Because of their backgrounds, they have a large mission field among the people they see daily.

I wonder how many police officers or former Sonic customers might have written off my friends, back in the day. Who would have ever thought this couple would have ever darkened the door of a church much less worshiped there with passion?

You know what? People do change. Don't write anyone off. Don't despair. Keep praying. Keep praying. I have another story of change if I can get the nerve up to post it.

Until then, don't give up!


Anonymous said...

Amen, Wendy!! And the Lord might bring someone back you've previously written off just so you can witness to them with your own personal life changes. God changes people all the time, thank goodness! :) We'd all be in a fix if He didn't.

Alison said...

Thank you. We're in an area with lots of people that come to our church wanting 'help', but they more often than not they want 'help' to continue on the path they're on - i don't think i need to explain how bad their lifestyles can be... Thank you for the reminder that some DO want to change.


Vicki said...

Another hearty Amen! Praise the Lord that HE never gave up on us! We should extend the same to our fellow man..;)

Luke said...

That is a great story! God is a God of redemption... and that is awesome.

Very cool to hear they're starting up with Sonlight [smile]. Awesome!