Monday, July 27, 2009

The Lord is good, y'all.

I was offered a doula job this morning. I got very excited until I learned she's due next week and delivering in Fort Worth. I am not ready-I have no milk frozen for Audrey and I don't have enough training yet. Oh, but how I want to help her! She's a recent widow-can you imagine giving birth without your husband? Heart breaking.

So I prayed about it-because if the Lord wanted me to do it, then I'd do a crash course or something and be there by her side. But as I read 1 Samuel today, the story of David & Goliath, I got my answer. See, David didn't need the armor but he did have experience. He'd killed a lion and a bear. He was good with his sling shot.

I have confidence that I will be ready when the time is right. But a woman birthing without her husband needs an experienced doula, not a practicing wanna-be.

But I am equipped to pray for her. I know the Lord will provide the right woman for the job. And someday, I'll be the right woman for the jobs he gives me.

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Vicki said...

How cool is that! I want you to be my doula.. but Im not pregnant and you dont live near me.. LOL>. SO cool!