Thursday, July 31, 2008

Power Trips

Bolivia Trip
A team of our friends from the Pregnancy Center we helped start almost 10 years ago are in Bolivia ministering beside another center. The purpose of the trip is to get to know our "sister" center better, encourage Patricia, the Director there, and to speak & minister to many in the city of Santa Cruz about the center and abstinence.

Our team even spoke to a group of women in prostitution about abstinence. Check out their blog and please pray for them.

Cancer Treatment Trips
Please also pray for my sister in law, Mary today as she starts radiation treatment for colon cancer. Our family and friends let out a collective sigh of relief when we found out Tuesday the tumor in the colon is the only cancer the doctors found. Apparently this type of cancer is rarely found as the original site in the colon so the worry was that the cancer had already metastasized. We are elated to find out this isn't the case!

However, it's still bitter-sweet since we now have to watch Mary undergo six weeks of daily trips for radiation, then she'll start the chemo regimen (mostly by pill). Our family has been emotionally and spiritually occupied by this heaviness while trying to stay updated (and keeping extended family updated). My brother can't take off work for six weeks, so we're all trying to mobilize and figure out who can drive Mary the 60 miles to treatment each weekday. I'm sure this strain (which we'll gladly bear for her) is nothing compared to the emotional work my brother & sister in law are going through. I covet your prayers for them-for healing, for peace, and for them to draw near to God like they never have before.

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Will certainly bring this up in prayer.