Monday, July 14, 2008

I feel the need... explain the new link in my side bar. People are starting to ask me what I need and really, with four big sisters all we need is space! That hardly satisfies the grandparents, though, so I have thought of a few things that would be nice. I know registries can rub people the wrong way, but I'm just trying to get out of a shower here :)

Seriously, we only need a handful of things and to be very open, we don't need a whole lot of things-like blankets, for example. We have a full to the brim storage tote loaded down with beautiful baby quilts. We've not opened it in years-since we continue to circulate the same dozen or so we've received with our last babies. Yes, this baby can have a few of her own, but that's all we'll need. Same idea for clothes, bibs, toys, and so on. We try to live simply and are currently squished into a 2 bedroom/1 bath house. Besides, don't most of you moms of many realize with each new baby you truly need less and less stuff?

On the other hand, it was quite fun to put together a small registry. I've not done that since our wedding days! This is probably my last have fun with it, too :)

FYI: I put some nursing clothes on there and will probably go update it as the fall clothes come out.

Do you think less of me for putting this out there? Don't answer that :)

Edit: Just so you know, the original link took you right to my own page with my full name. I altered the the html code and now it just goes to the page. You have to know my first & last name to see my registry. The friends' password is baby5


Jennifer said...

I'm assuming the baby's name is going to be Audrey? After Todd and Angie's little girl? I like that name. So sweet, although our old next door neighbor's name was Audrey and she was a ring tale tooter...rougher than a cob, could out cuss any sailor, but she was sweet. It's funny because she is the only Audrey I know...until now of course. I think the registry is a good idea.

Wendy said...

Yes, her name is Audrey, but no middle name yet. Audrey was on my list before I read Angie's story, but their Audrey did make the name more special to me.

Shane doesn't love it, just like I didn't love Jay's name, but he's "giving" it to me since I went along with Jaybird. He gets to pick the middle name, but everyone is trying to get him to pick Shayne. I also like Audrey Juliette (or some similar spelling)but it's not as popular with the girls or our friends as Shayne. Funny how naming works...

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I happen to like Juliette - one of my favorite Shakesperean characters!! Tell Shane that one is my vote!

You like unique names, and I like to give my kids names that are #1 on the top kids name lists . . . LOL!