Monday, July 21, 2008

Not a Therapy Session

Look at her favorite pillow-it was Shane's when he was a kid! She refuses to let us put a pillow case on it and no one is allowed to use it but her! Very funny.

Although I do need some therapy (I just can't get the issues all straight enough in my head to write about yet), I thought I'd just give a little update on life in our house.

Our bed is now only occupied by me (and occasionally Shane) at night. Jaybird has left the nest. When I went to Austin, she obviously didn't sleep with me (since she didn't go) so the week after, she slept with her sisters for a few nights. With much protest on the first 2 nights, by the way. The 3rd night was much better, she just demanded that Ashlyn let her "walk the dogs" on the Nintendo DS. A lot. Those are now some lean dogs! Then Saturday night, we put together the VW Bug toddler bed some great friends gave us. She wasn't thrilled with the idea, but cracked a little smile as we tucked her in. Back in my bed alone, I cried. I missed my snuggle girl and knew she missed snuggling, too. The next day she took a nap with Shane (in our bed) and refused to move off his arm to her own pillow! She had to soak in the snuggle time!

This morning, about 6:30, she crawled in bed with me. Her toes were frozen, so maybe that's why. I kind of hope that's why. I love her in there, but I'm preparing for life with a newborn and need my other kids to stay put once she's here.

In other news, we saw Dark Knight last night. We tried to watch it Saturday night but it was sold out. We drove over an hour and just ended up going to Target. So yesterday we bought our tickets online. I wouldn't have given it 5 stars like the reviews I read did. It wasn't great but wasn't horrible either. It was too drawn out but Heath Ledger did a fabulous job as the Joker. My opinion, wait for it on DVD.

Today is my brother in law's 29th birthday. When Shane & I met, he was 12. Wow.

We found out last week that my sister in law has colon cancer. She starts radiation this week. My heart is heavy for my brother and sister in law-this is (thankfully) the first serious thing they've ever faced.

Also found out a dear friend has Lyme disease. Lots of health related prayering going on at our house!

I have about four weeks of work left. I know it will be a bitter-sweet transition.

I have about 15 weeks left before we meet Audrey (no middle name yet). I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable-heart burn, breathlessness and so on. The broad ligaments are a pain-they hurt more often than I remember. Other than that, I feel great. I only get nauseated when I'm in the heat and it passes fast. I've gained seven pounds.

Still no sugar in my diet since June 9th. It's easier than the first weeks. Mostly I don't think about it. When I need something sweet, a ripe peach or a Kashi cookie does the trick (Kashi doesn't use refined, white sugar).

I'm reading Timothy again. Boy Paul is opinionated and long winded. His sentences go on and on and's good stuff though.

Grace to you (as Paul would say)!


Wendy said...

"prayering"...nice word I made up, huh?

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Emily and I still have to have our snuggle time. I love snuggling my baby girl. She will crawl into bed with me at 7:30 on the dot every morning. We veg until about 8, just snuggling and giggling and talking. I couldn't do without it!

BTW -I LOVE Kashi!! I am addicted to their dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies - YUMMO!!!!!