Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scarborough Fair

We took a spontanious trip yesterday to this fun festival. We've wanted to go for years now but have just not done it. My brothers, cousin, and all their pals make the trek at least once a season, so we had some good tips from die hard "renners" (Rennaissance fair addicts). We knew to look for Noobler the Gnome and be prepared to sing our introduction to him-which we did!

The girls had such a good time. We brought them all and even added a daughter (Ash's best buddy). More than once we were asked, "Are all these yours?" It was funny, since no, they all weren't but I am pregnant with one more, so it all comes out the same ;)

Here are our observations after spending the entire day there:

Renners are very friendly people. They don't mind us regularly dressed people gawking at them-okay, we didn't gawk, but we did check out their costumes (I was gawking on the inside a few times!). Really, though, no one was ever rude and many people struck up conversation with us as if we were old friends.

Fairs have lots of great smells-I especially loved the smell of the Fish & Chips booth! We smelled a little pot, too...

I still like Scarborough Fair much more than Medieval Times. MT seems so touristy and fake. The tickets are more than twice the cost, too. Scarborough was much more real, with authentic craftsmen like potters and glass blowers. It did cost about the same as MT in the end though, because you have to pay to do many of the attractions. Granted, it's only a few dollars per ride or maze, but when you bring four kids with you, that adds up!

Since this is a G rated blog, I'll just say women can do amazing, unnatural things with their bossoms. I appreciate the fair goers who were modest and in costume.

I love my Ergo (and my friend's Ergo, too-Beth rode in it a little) and I love my New Balance tennies. They make a great combination, but not even NB shoes can help when you carry a 20 lb child on your back all day!

We all had different activities that we named as our favorites, which shows there's something for everyone. One thing was for sure-all the girls want to come in costume next time-they're already planning for next year!


Wendy said...

By the way, Shane wouldn't let me get my palm read or visit the seer to ask the gender of this baby. He wouldn't let me get a henna tatoo, either, for that matter.

He's such a party pooper :)

Ashlyn said...

LOL! I am glad you had such a fun time!

And I also had a good time, duhh, I was there with you!

Latte-n-Libre said...

princess c has so much fun! Thank you again for inviting her. hugs, b

Andi said...

About tatoos: that beautiful red haired friend of mine (I'm not using her name to protect her!) gave me one of those soak on with water tatoos on my backside panty line area. Rick laughed and laughed when he discovered it. Lane was appalled when he saw it. "Mom!!!!! Do you know what that tatoo means?" Which I didn't. I consulted a younger friend at work and she filled me in.... A tramp stamp.... That thing stayed on for at least 2 weeks!